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What becomes of Jason Beere after this story, especially considering that he must be kept in cryogenic storage at all times or the bomb near his heart will explode and take out the Earth? Did Stane Intenational and Stark-Fujikawa really keep the capsule running all this time, or do they even know about it? Or did Tony finally defuse the bomb?

For that matter, when the cryo-labs were wrecked by Blacklash (in #146, but only seen in #154), why didn't Beere wake up like the Unicorn did? He didn't, of course, since Marvel-earth is still around.


What happens to Williams Innovations after this story? Is it still operating as a Maggia front, or did Madame Masque fully abandon it?


How is Edwin Cord related to Janice and Drexel Cord?

Not a huge dangler, but it's surprising the issue has never been addressed.


Where is Gretl Anderson's baby, and why hasn't Stark ever mentioned him again?

Considering how much the birth affected Tony, you'd think he'd at least mention keeping track of the kid.


Yorgon Tykkio has synthetic skin that appears to conceal something else in this story.

Arguably moot, but it was clearly going somewhere before Michelinie and Layton took over O'Neil's AIM plots. Perhaps he was an early agent of the Adaptoids that took over AIM in various 90s comics?


Who is the Ghost and what happened to make him hate corporations?

Thus far, we know only that he's a former exectuive of some kind.


When will the Living Laser return from space? Surely he can't be stuck in the Andromeda Galaxy forever.

Yes, he showed up briefly in Incredible Hulk #420, but the Laser was way out of character there, and both the Impossible Man and Mephisto were running around - so take it all with a huge grain of salt.


Why didn't Tony ever track down Veronica Benning and explain what happened with VOR/TEX? He seemed to truly love her.

Considering the commonality of mind-control in the MU, it's not like the truth would be wholly improbable to her.


A super-intelligent guy named Mycroft is introduced, given a bunch of buildup, and hired by Roxxon to take on Stark. He never appears again.


What happened to Marianne Rogers after the destruction of evil Tony's base? Or was she a Space Phantom?

If the Marianne here is a Phantom, then does that mean the real one is still rotting away in some asylum?


If Teen Tony comes from an alternate timeline, why was Meredith McCall's life in the main timeline altered by his absence? She apparently married and pursued a teaching career instead of remaining single because her fiance died and then becoming a Master of Silence. Given that McCall was last seen with the Masters of Silence, what happened to them because of the timeshift?

Terry Kavanagh's tenure on the title left a few danglers I doubt anyone cares enough to resolve.


Will Stark-Fujikawa come to dominate the Earth as in the 2099 future?

Obviously this was set up to hint, "yes," but then Peter David's Spider-Man/Spidey 2099 crossover changed it all again. We've also seen a ruthless side to S-F since then, so maybe...


Meredith McCall starts to display some kind of superpowers here, but this is never followed up on either.

It's tempting to tie this to the Masters of Silence, but too many other elements conflict with that.


Who is the Unicorn with Stockpile? The old version, still alive, or a new guy?

Well, he has an Australian accent, so odds are he's a new Unicorn. Certainly he's not the three-eyed version from Soviet Super-Soldiers #1.

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