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Fantastic Four Annual #2

Is there a connection between Dr. Doom and Kang, as suggested nearly every time they meet?

This one started when Rama-Tut told Doom they might be different incarnations of the same person. However, Fantastic Four #282-3 showed us that Kang hails from an alternate timeline, where he's most likely descended from Reed's father Nathaniel Richards. Most recently, in Avengers Forever #9, Kang notes that he may be descended from Nathaniel or from Doom, but that it doesn't matter anyway since he's his own man. He also confirms that he isn't Doom himself, and that he was lying in the FF Annual.

Marvel Feature Vol. I #7

When will the Para-Man return?

And more importantly, who remembers him?

Maximum Security #3

Will Quasar be freed of Ego, or will it overwhelm him?

Namor the Sub-Mariner #13

Is Cap still responsible for Namor?

Probably not by Namor's account, since he's a monarch of another country again.

What If Vol. I #9

Is the reality viewed here genuine?

Maybe. Although a similiar-looking one was wiped out in Avengers Forever #5 by Immortus, there's no reason to suppose the 50's Avengers weren't formed in the main reality, although Kurt Busiek submits they banded under a different name.

Wonder Man Vol. II #24-25

How much of what happens in these issues is real, and how much is pure illusion?

We know the death of Simon's mother was false, but what of the Lethal Legion members taken to Hell? Man-Ape seems okay now.

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