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Avengers #0

Thor tosses Firebrand into a dimensional vortex.

If it's his default one first seen in Avengers Vol. I #16, he's in trouble, since he needs his devices to survive, and that dimension shuts off machines.

Avengers Annual #20

How did Tyrannus survive his seeming death in Daredevil Annual #5?

Avengers Annual #22

How did Le Sabre recover the Ebony Dagger? How did Chandu come to be in the present day? Why is Mongu alive again?

How on earth did Sir Percy's bonding with the Ebony Blade in Black Knight #4 reactivate the curse? If it did, why did Dane continue to wield it up until Avengers #339? And why was Sean Dolan overcome by the blade instantly, before the blade ever tasted blood? And if Merlin only had enough material to make a sword and a dagger from the meteorite in the Ebony Blade's origin, how did Dane wind up with such a huge chunk to plant the Blade into here?

What about Maha Yogi? He's not old anymore, so did he obtain a new Bloodstone after Dr. Druid took his away in Incredible Hulk Vol. I #211?

Avengers/Squadron Supreme 1998 Annual

What will become of the Swordsman and Magdalene now?

Avengers Annual 2000

Why does Mockingbird refuse to leave Hell?

Avengers Forever #9

Kang sets Alioth free. Doesn't this place his own realm at risk?

What is the realm Kang uses as a hideout in this story, and how did he find it without becoming one of the faceless beings trapped there?

This may be the same place as the Purgatory seen in Captain Marvel vol. V #18

Avengers Forever #12

How great a chance is there that Songbird's future is "the" future of the Avengers?

50/50. Jack of Hearts has indeed joined the team, but we won't know more unless Songbird and Captain Marvel wind up there as well.

Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective #3

What's the story behind all the alternate Ravonnas glimpsed here?

The one wearing the Grandmaster's clothes is particularly intriguing.

Avengers Unplugged #6

What exactly goes on with the Ebony Blade here? Crystal takes it from Attilan, and Bloodwraith takes it back, but then it winds up there again in Quicksilver #6. Then Bloodwraith has it again in Vol. III #36!

Also, what happened to Proctor's Ebony Blade?

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