West Coast Avengers and Force Works Danglers

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Vol. I #3

Tigra says the Cat People have been gone "for a year". What became of them?

A footnote promises to tell us. We're still waiting.

Vol. I #4

Did the Blank drown?

Vol. II #13

It's hinted that Zzax wasn't Graviton's first choice for electromagnetic force, so who was?

Almost certainly Magneto, but maybe there was another alien out here somewhere.

Vol. II #19

What is Esperita's unusual link to her ancestors?

Vol. II #42

What became of Hank's Maria project? Why are several Avengers back on the roster?

The Maria bit was dealt with in Avengers Spotlight, but the rest has never been explained.

Vol. II #56

The Avengers' ownership of the Compound is placed in doubt. It is never mentioned again.

We're almost certain to never get closure on this one.

Vol. II #61

When will the Avengers battle Oort, the Living Comet?

He's referred to again in Avengers Forever #2, but we're still waiting in the present.

Vol. II #95

Where is Zvezda Dennista now, and what happened to the Bogatyri?

Annual #2

Firebird clearly has some kind of mystical powers here that have never been explained.

Annual #6

Did Dino Domani ever make his Avengers biopic?

Force Works #1

Who reprogrammed the Recorder to aid the Kree?

Force Works #17

Vietnam disappears from the timestream. Did it ever come back?

Force Works #21

What happened to the Hex Ships, the Works base, etc.?

What happened to Century, and where did he learn about the Mandarin's rings and the Heart of Darkness? His crush on Wanda?

What is the mission that Force Works leave on at the end?

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