Avengers Vol. III Danglers

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What did Imus Champion want with the craft of Thanos'?


What happened to Moses Magnum after this issue? Will this lead the Avengers to battle Apocalypse?

Note that Magnum "dies" after almost every appearance. Kurt Busiek noted that Magnum did manage to survive Deathlok #22-25, but that's the exception.


If the Vision has the Simon Williams personality again, what happened to the Lipton patterns?

Kurt Busiek has stated that he's leaving the Lipton patterns unresolved for future writers to use at their discretion.


Where are the Exemplars now? Are they still together? Will they retain their human personalities?


When will Count Nefaria return?

It's only a matter of time...


Where will the Forever Crystal turn up next?


What will become of the Bloodwraith situation in Slorenia?


The Avengers are attempting to keep tabs on the High Evolutionary.

And likely nothing will come of it, but you never know...


Okay, Marinna's alive. When will the Avengers learn of this fact? And does she survive the destruction of the Master's base? What about her soul, which was removed from the Ebony Blade in Namor the Sub-Mariner #61?


Warbird kills the Master.

And is court martialed for it in Vol. III #55. But given his past, is the Master truly dead?

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