Avengers Vol. I Danglers

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How does the Maria Stark Foundation operate? How have they been able to fund the Avengers for so many years?


What happens to the secret headquarters seen in this story?


What was the outcome of the Kallusians' war?


When did Iron Man use the Recreator? What becomes of it after this story?


How did the Beetle escape the clutches of the Collector?


Why are Pietro and Wanda's powers waning? Why must they return to Transia to recover?

Presumably, Wanda's powers are connected to Chthon and Mount Wundagore. But Pietro?


What will be the fate of Ixar?


How was the Hulk captured by Mr. Fantastic, Professor X, and General Ross?

It wasn't depicted.


What does the Watcher do with Leonard Tippit?

It's not really the Watcher's job to contain threatening superhumans.


Who revived Wonder Man from the dead?

The Black Talon was hired by the Grim Reaper to perform the task, but it wasn't him that did it. Given Wonder Man's references to a "reaching hand" and a "silver shadow", it may be the same entity who revived the Ghost of Stone-- which was likely Ultron.


Considering all that Stark International has been through, including changes of ownership and a disastrous fire that affected the cryolab specifically (in Iron Man vol. I #153), what happened to Jason Beere?


Just what is the Manipulator doing in this story?

I know Cap vol. I #242 and #247 reveal that he's a construct of Machinesmith, but then a real Manipulator shows up in WCA. And none of it makes the robot's actions in this issue any more comprehensible.


So what did happen to the Crawlers and Hugo Lopez, and who is behind the coverup?


Is Morgan Hardy truly amnesiac, or will he return in the future?


What is the connection between the Avalon seen here, the Otherworld Avalon from Captain Britain, and the Avalon of the Celtic Gods from Thor?


The military remains in possession of Thanos' old base from Marvel Feature#12. Do they still control it today?


After this issue, the Vision no longer has the Control Crystal in his head. Kang even says so as recently as vol. III #49. The problem is that the Vision gained a normal human voice (indicated by the letter balloons) afterwards, and is now speaking in the funbky square balloons again.

Now, Vision has switched bodies and lost much of his personality, and has been restored by Franklin Richards (who has a habit of "fixing" things like that). And he's spoken in a normal voice as "Victor Shade" in vol. III #19, among others. Presumably either Franklin, Vision himself, or perhaps the rebuilding process in early issues of vol. III got rid of the crystal, or Proctor or Anti-Vision destroyed it before Vzh ever took the body. But until someone says one of these things officially, it's a dangler.


Is Nebula really Thanos' granddaughter?

Thanos will neither confirm nor deny this information.


Dan Smallwood sees Marinna on tv.

Too bad she dies before any more can be made of this sub-plot.


The Lava Men are transformed into golden creatures, but in all subsequent appearances, are molten red again, even Jinku.

Avengers Log #1 identifies them as separate tribes of Lava Men, but that still doesn't explain Jinku.


How do Doorman's powers work?

Deadpool #11 showed us that they may have time-travel applications, and a letters page claimed they tied into the Darkforce Dimension.


What becomes of the Combine?

Presumably he's off playing pinochle with Alpha the Ultimate Mutant and Dominus.


So, what happens to the Ngh-Aah fusion after this issues, and is it really as benevolent as it claims?


Who are the counterparts for the Gatherers other than Jocasta, Swordsman, Magdalene, Coal Tiger, and Proctor?

It's possible, like Magdalene, that their counterparts are non-powered people in "mainstream" relaity, but Rik and Tabula Rasa seem like they're definitely supposed to be characters we know.

While never actually stated, it's pretty clear that Cassandra = Madame Web (same visor, same first name), Tabula Rasa = Primus (same powers, similar look), Rik = Rick Jones, Korg = Thing ("It's batterin' time!").

Sloth is presumably new, Tarkas may be Hulk (yet also bears some resembance to the Future Imperfect Abomination, of the Abominations miniseries). Sliver could be any Asian female martial arts type, however (Mantis?).


Is Shapeshifter of the Imperial Guard actually a Skrull, as the art suggets?


Did Cassandra and Sloth survive the destruction of Proctor's base?


What is Deathcry's background and why has she been exiled to Earth? Why would her return be so bad for the Shi'ar?

Possibly has to do with the identity of her mother.


What are the differences in this Avengers Mansion?

The big one is the infamous "basement door" used in the Crossing.


What did Shatterstar do when he found out what happened to the Kree?

Now, I suppose we should ask what his reaction to the whole Ruul thing is.


Will Hercules ever regain his immortality?


Is this the original MODOK?

He seems to be an all-new one during "Taking A.I.M.", but in later stories, he seems to be the original.


What is in the holomessage Deathcry receives, and why is it also bad for the Shi'ar?


What did Hercules and Deathcry do on the moon?


What exactly was the meeting the Avengers and Force Works said they needed to hold about?


So just what is the deal with this new Zodiac and Libra?


Moonraker is seen in the Avengers infirmary...then never again.


Caves under the Mansion?


What became of the Quinjets Iron Lad built for the Avengers?

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