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Avengers Vol. I #4

Captain America notices that Rick Jones bears an uncanny resemblance to Bucky.

Just a coincidence, it seems.

Will the "Medusa" alien return home?

He'd better hope not, since the Dark Phoenix blows up his planet in Uncanny X-Men #135.

Avengers Vol. I #6

Will Captain America ever accept Rick Jones as his new Bucky?

Yes, in Captain America Vol. I #110.

Avengers Vol. I #9

Is this the end of Wonder Man?

You kidding? See Avengers Vol. I #151.

Avengers Vol. I #10

Who are the "Merlin", "Goliath", "Hercules", et al that Immortus employs?

Space Phantoms, according to Avengers Forever #8. (the Official Marvel Index to the Avengers #1 had earlier claimed they were Dire Wraiths)

Given that the Enchantress undoes the events of this story, will the Avengers ever recall this encounter?

They learn what happened in Avengers Forever #8.

Will Rick Jones ever be accepted into the Avengers?

He's been an honorary member for some time, but it's not quite clear when that honor was bestowed. In any event, he had an Avengers ID card by Captain Marvel Vol. I #28

Avengers Vol. I #14

Who are the alien race who the Kallusians are warring against?

The Yirbek, as revealed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #15.

Avengers Vol. I #15

What becomes of Captain America's letter to Nick Fury?

It winds up being acquired by the Swordsman in Vol. I #19.

Avengers Vol. I #16

Is the Black Widow dead?

No, she's been re-captured by the Communists, and returns in Vol. I #29

Avengers Vol. I #19

How did the Swordsman, a master of the blade, train Hawkeye in archery?

Hawkeye was actually taught the bow by Trickshot, as seen in Solo Avengers #1-2.

Avengers Vol. I #24

Will Kang ever revive Ravonna?

Irrevelvant question; we've seen Ravonnas since who were revived, but since there's no such thing as a "true" Ravonna, it doesn't really matter. In any event, we first see a revived Ravonna in Vol. I #267.

Avengers Vol. I #25

Who are Wanda and Pietro's parents?

Revealed, after many false starts, in vol. I #185-7, with an assist in Uncanny X-Men #125. They're Magneto, and the gypsy woman Magda.

Avengers Vol. I #28

When will Goliath regain control over his powers?

In Avengers Vol. I #35.

Why is the Collector so hot to collect Avengers?

Resolved in Vol. I #174. He's trying to preserve various types of lifeforms from the coming of Thanos he had forseen.

Avengers Vol. I #38

How long will Hercules be stranded on earth?

Until Vol. I #50.

Avengers Vol. I #46

When will the Avengers learn that Charles Matthews is the Whirlwind?

In issue #139.

Avengers Vol. I #53

Will Wanda regain her mutant powers?

Yes, in Vol I #76.

Is this the end of Magneto?

Ha! Returns in X-Men Vol. I #62, in the Savage Land.

Avengers Vol. I #55

Why didn't Jarvis go to the Avengers for the money he needed for his mother's operation?

Revealed in Vol. I #280-- Ultron used his encephalo-beam to make Jarvis believe the Avengers wouldn't help him.

Avengers Vol. I #82

What is Van Lunt's connection to Zodiac?

As seen in vol. I #121, He's Taurus, its founder and leader.

Avengers Vol. I #83

Who is Casiolena?

Resolved in Defenders Vol. I #4 some months later; a generic nasty sorceress and rival of Amora's.

Avengers Vol. I #84

What becomes of the Ebony Blade after it is thrown into the Well At the Center of Time?

Ares finds it in Olympus in Vol. I #100.

Avengers Vol. I #88

What's the deal with Psyklop? Will the Avengers ever remember him?

No, but the Hulk will. Psyklop is no longer a problem.

Avengers Vol. I #93

What is it that catches Ant-Man's eye as he journeys through the Vision's innards?

This is one of the early clues to the Vision's identity as the original Human Torch.

Avengers Vol. I #104

What happened to Quicksilver after he fell battling the Sentinels?

He was saved by the Inhumans and met Crystal, as seen in Fantastic Four Vol. I #131.

Is this the end of Number Two and his Sentinels?

Not hardly. He makes a return engagement in Marvel Super-Heroes Vol. III #6-8, and their base is used by the sentient Sentinels in Wolverine #72-74.

Avengers Vol. I #105

What happened to Equilibrius after this story?

Resolved in Wolverine #69. Only 25 or so years later. Anyway, he's back in the Savage Land now.

Avengers Vol. I #111

What happened to the Angel?

Resolved in Captain America Vol. I #174. He's one of many mutants being captured by the Secret Empire.

Avengers Vol. I #114

Who is Mantis?

Daughter of Libra of the human Zodiac, destined to be the Celestial Madonna, and don't you forget it! See it all in Giant-Size Avengers #4.

Avengers Vol. I #120

Why is the Vision freezing up around water?

Revealed in Giant-Size #3, muddled in WCA #50, and reasserted with modifications in Avengers Forever #8. He's a rebuilt version of the android Human Torch. The Jim Hammond Human Torch is essentially the same entity, the two of them having been temporally diverged by Immortus.

Avengers Vol. I #128

Which Avenegr is the Celestial Madonna?

See above. Or go buy Avengers: Celestial Quest.

So, is Necrodamus dead?

No, but he does manage to die in Marvel Team-Up #130. And return, no worse for wear, in Fantastic Four during Inferno. Necrodamus was also part of the Grim Reaper's Legion of the Unliving in Avengers Vol. I #353-4.

Avengers Vol. I #149

Will the Squadron Supreme set things right on their world?

Oh my, no. They get mind-controlled a few times, try to enforce Utopia, and then go through a series of disastrous adventures culminating in Squadron Supreme: New World Order.

Avengers Vol. I #157

With his body destroyed, what will be the Black Knight's fate?

After some Dr. Strange stories attempting to restore him, he turns out to be in the 12th century. Then in Vol. I #225-6, he's restored in the here and now.

Does Wonder Man have a crush on the Scarlet Witch?

Resolved in West Coast Avengers #45-- yes, he does.

Who animated the Ghost of Stone?

Resolved in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Avengers 2005. It was Ultron.

Avengers Vol. I #160

Who supplied the Grim Reaper with his technology?

Finally resolved in Vol. III #21-- Ultron.

Avengers Vol. I #162

What's going on with Thor and his sudden re-appearances and disappearances?

Resolved in Avengers Vol. I #175-- the Collector was sending Thor through time to aid the Avengers in order to preserve them.

Avengers Vol. I #163

What's Typhon up to?

Not much, since it takes him all the way until Avengers Annual #23 to show up again.

Avengers Vol. I #173

Who is the old man who carves an image of Wanda?

Her adoptive father Django Maximoff, as revealed in Vol. I #181.

Avengers Vol. I #187

How do we know Magda died?

Because Magneto views her grave in X-Men Unlimited #2.

Avengers Vol. I #200

How long will Carol stay in Limbo with Marcus?

Not very long, of course. The Wonder Man: Cooler than Superman website has an interview with David Michelinie that outlines the original plot for this issue.

Avengers Vol. I #209

Will Vera Cantor ever be revived?

Yes, in Defenders Vol. I #105. She was also a supporting cast member in the early X-Factor issues.

Avengers Vol. I #226

What happened to Bres after this issue; he made it to our world, after all?

He became a prisoner at Project: Pegasus and killed Solaar in Power Man and Iron Fist #113.

Avengers Vol. I #230

What will the Avengers do with Hank Pym's Yellowjacket costume?

Shove it in a closet until Rita DeMara steals it in Vol. I #264.

Avengers Vol. I #237

What super-power is Starfox hiding from his teammates?

His ability to control emotions, as seen in Vol. I #243.

Avengers Vol. I #249

Vision notes that the remains of Maelstrom are reminiscent of Anrim Zola's Pseudo-Hulk remains from Annual #13.

According to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Maelstrom shared his secrets with Zola. This was established somewhat in Marvel Two-in-One #70-71.

Deathurge informs Maelstrom that he will never clone another body. Later, Maelstrom dies again in #250.

It seems Deathurge was right; Maelstrom returns in Quasar#18, dies again in Quasar#25, then returns again in Fantastic Four Unlimited #10 (but not through cloning). Technically he didn't die in those stories -- he was dispersed across the unievrse and became an avatar of Anomaly, lost that station, and then ended up shrinking away in the FF Unlimited story.

Avengers Vol. I #257

Is Terminus dead?

No, that wasn't even Terminus. It was a Deviant named Jorro, sent by Terminus to find his staff, according to Quasar#7.

And is the Savage Land gone forever?

Only until the High Evolutionary brings it back in Uncanny X-Men Annual #12

Avengers Vol. I #263

Who killed the Melter?

A Scourge, as revealed in Captain America Vol. I #319.

Avengers Vol. I #264

Dane Whitman is attracted to the Wasp.

He finally tells her in Solo Avengers #12, only to get shot down.

Avengers Vol. I #269

What becomes of the Ravonna Immortus is left with in the end?

Euthanized in Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective #3 by a dying Immortus.

Avengers Vol. I #270

Namor is sued by a group of insurance men, but the plot is dropped when he leaves the team.

Resolved in Namor #13.

Avengers Vol. I #275

What becomes of Tiger Shark after he escapes from the Mansion?

He teams up with Whirlwind in San Francisco, and is captured by the West Coast Avengers in West Coast Avengers #16.

Who did Titania and Absorbing Man go to recruit for the Masters of Evil at the airport?

According to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition #14, the Mongoose. Roger Stern probably intended for it to be the Dreadknight, however.

Avengers Vol. I #285

Will Zeus ever allow the Olympians to return to earth?

Uh...apparently so, since they have.

What about Hercules' mental faculties, which could potentially have taken centuries to heal fully?

Seemed okay in Avengers Annual #17.

Avengers Vol. I #290

What becomes of Heavy Metal?

Resolved in Acts of Vengeance. They all escape when Dr. Doom destroys Avengers Island in #311. The Sleeper is recovered by the Red Skull, Doom obtains TESS-One, the Super-Adaptoid fights the Fantastic Four and takes over AIM, and Sentry#459 winds up in Ultron's care, eventually.

Avengers Vol. I #293

Is Marinna dead?

Re: Avengers Vol. III #47. Nope. Kurt Busiek points out that this was actually already established in Alpha Flight Vol. I #79.

What about her children? What about Namor's quest to find them?

They run from Quasar in Quasar#11, and one dies in Namor Annual#4. When Namor next appeared in #306, it didn't seem to be a priority.

Avengers Vol. I #295

Are Captain Marvel's powers gone permanently?

She receives new, altered powers in Captain Marvel Vol. II #1, and the full range of power in Starblast #2.

Avengers Vol. I #297

An Avengers Quinjet is observed piercing the Time-Bubble.

Resolved in Fantastic Four#338. It was actually Mr. Fantastic's Time Sled.

Avengers Vol. I #299

Druid and Temptress are lost in time in this story. When will they return, and what's Temptress' relation to Nebula?

They returned in Avengers Spotlight #37, where Druid shook off Temptress' control; and Temptress has no relationship to Nebula -- she was lying.

Avengers Vol. I #300

The Black Knight's curse has rendered him immobile.

He is finally restored to normalcy in Black Knight#4.

When will each of the members of the Avengers Support Crew make their debuts?

Jarvis, Sikorski, and the Newells were already active; Peggy Carter is hired in Captain America Vol. I #351; Michael O'Brien is hired in Avengers Vol. I #301; Donna Maria Puentes makes her first appearance with in the crew in Captain America Vol. I #404; John Jameson joins in Captain America Vol. I #358; M'Daka and Robert Frank Jr. makes their first appearances with the crew in Avengers Vol. I #311; Keith Kincaid first serves the Avengers in an official capacity in Captain America Vol. I #353; Fabian Stankowicz joins in Captain America Vol. I #354. Arnold Roth, Genji Odashu, Inger Sullivan, Gilbert Vaughn, and Talia Kruma never do appear as Avengers Support Crew members.

Avengers Vol. I #304

What happens to Portal after this story?

He returned in Darkhawk#5, where he and his powers were fleshed out significantly.

Avengers Vol. I #315

Why doesn't Nebula recall anything of Vol. I #291-297?

As covered in Avengers Spotlight #37, that wasn't Nebula, it was Ravonna.

Avengers Vol. I #344

Who is Proctor, and why does he hate Sersi?

Revealed in Avengers Vol. I #374-5; he's an insane alternate Dane Whitman who blames Sersi for everything.

Avengers Vol. I #369

The Black Knight and Sersi see something familiar in Exodus.

Resolved in Black Knight: Exodus. They met him while time-travelling back to the present, during a layover in the Crusades.

Avengers Vol. I #371

Who are "Lord K" and "Lord T"?

Resolved in Blackwulf. They are Khult and Tantalus, leaders of the Lyonesse Deviants.

Avengers Vol. I #375

Where will the Black Knight and Sersi end up? What effect will the Gann Josin have on him?

They ended up in the Ultraverse, and the Gann Josin has been effectively undone since.

Avengers Vol. I #386

How does MODOK escape the Beyonder-dimension?

The Headmen free him, as seen in flashback in Defenders Vol. II #10.

Avengers Vol. I #393

What's the big menace Kang is so afraid of? How long has Iron Man been under his control? Why is Mantis evil and allied with Kang? Are the twins Wanda and Vision's kids? etc.

Avengers Forever explained this was all a huge shell game on the part of Immortus, that Iron Man wasn't under mind-control for too long, and that Mantis and the twins were Space Phantoms.

Who is Masque, and what if any relationshiop does she have to Madame Masque?

Revealed in Vol. III #31 as a shapeshifting bioduplicate created by the paranoiac Madame Masque.

Avengers Vol. I #399

Who is Benedict and what does he want?

Resolved in Avengers Vol. III #32-- he's a robotic agent of Madame Masque, sent to retrieve Masque.

Avengers Vol. III #1

Why did the Avengers disband after Onslaught?

Revealed in Avengers Annual 1999; general despair, apparently. The real reason had to do with Marvel's contract with Lee and Liefeld, of course.

How did we get the human Jan and the benevolent Iron Man back?

Resolved in Avengers Annual 2001, by the magic of Franklin Richards.

Avengers Vol. III #4

Duane Freeman has a lapel pin that looks just like the 3-D Man's chest symbol.

Resolved in Avengers Vol. III #24-- he's a Triune.

Is Duane related to Derek Freeman, the FBI agent?

Resolved in Avengers Vol. III #55-- they're brothers.

Avengers Vol. III #7

Will Warbird come to terms with her alcoholism?

After stumbling around drunk for several Iron Man issues, she finally has it together by Vol. III #26.

Avengers Vol. III #8

What is the link between Triathlon and the 3-D Man? What's up with the Triune Understanding?

Resolved in Vol. III #50. Triathlon's powers come directly from the 3-D Man. The Triunes were being prepared to fend off the "Triple Evil" by building a spaceship.

Avengers Vol. III #9

What happened to Hawkeye?

Decided to take over the Thunderbolts in Thunderbolts #20. What, you weren't paying attention?

Avengers Vol. III #13

Who is Lord Templar?

See below...

Avengers Vol. III #14

Who is Pagan?

Resolved in Avengers Vol. III #50. He and Lord Templar are the brothers of Jonathan Tremont, reincarnated in superhuman form using the power he obtained from the Trion-icon.

Avengers Vol. III #15

Justice seems to recognize the weapons the Triunes are carrying.

Presumably Lord Templar pocketed them from AIM during Vol. III #13. It wouldn't have killed Vance to share this information with his teammates.

Avengers Vol. III #22

What happens to Alkhema after this?

Her new creations turn up in Avengers: The Ultron Imperative

Avengers Vol. III #29

Who is this Yellowjacket, and how was he created?

Resolved in the 2001 Annual.

Avengers Vol. III #31

To the surprise of many, Vision asks Warbird out on a date.

And they finally go out in Vol. III #38.

Avengers Vol. III #40

Who is this new Marcus? What is his relation to Marcus Immortus?

Resolved in Vol. III #47. He's Kang's son, and only looks like Immortus' son because their fathers are practically the same man.

Avengers Vol. III #42

What's the deal with the pyramid Kang foretells?

It's the "Triple Evil" the Triunes are gearing up for, finally unveiled in Vol. III #50.

West Coast Avengers Vol. II #3

Who is stalking Kraven here?

Scourge, as revealed in Captain America Vol. I #319

West Coast Avengers Vol. II #4

Will Master Pandemonium recover his soul shards?

Yes, in AWC #52, where they turn out to be both partly in Wanda's kids and parts of Mephisto's soul, not Pandemonium's.

West Coast Avengers Vol. II #8

What happened to the real Shooting Star?

Hawkeye and the Texas Twister save her in Solo Avengers #18.

Vol. II #28

When will the Brotherhood send Scorpio and the Zodiac Key back to Earth?

It appears that as of Avengers Vol. II #58, the goose is loose.

West Coast Avengers Vol. II #36

Is this Maria Pym, and can Hank help her?

Nope; she's really SODAM, later MODAM, as seen in Solo Avengers #16; according to Omega Red in Iron Man Vol. I #296-297, her name was Olinka Barnikova. Now that she's dead (during Taking AIM, confirmed in Cap Vol. III #4), it's all rather moot.

West Coast Avengers Vol II #45

US Agent seems unable to recall his actions as Captain America, specifically his parents' deaths.

Resolved in Captain America #381-382. The Commission altered his memories.

Avengers West Coast #49

Will Tigra regain her mind?

Yes, in Avengers Spotlight #38.

Avengers West Coast #51

For how long does Tony intend to keep up this charade of being a "new" Iron Man?

Up until Avengers West Coast #72.

Avengers West Coast #52

Agatha Harkness claims she has permanently removed Wanda's memories of her children.

According to Avengers West Coast Annual #7, Agatha returned them behind-the-scenes at some point.

Avengers West Coast #61

Left-Winger and Right-Winger are among the Legion of the Unliving. Are they truly deceased?

Resolved in Captain America#383. Yes, they most certainly are.

This story doesn't seem to fully explain Immortus' actions to date. And what is the Time-Keepers' mission?

So Kurt Busiek and Roger Stern explained all in Avengers Forever; the Time-Keepers want to contain humanity to Earth, basically.

Avengers West Coast #65

The Human Torch and Anne Raymond wonder if Toro is truly deceased.

But then conclude he must be in Namor the Sub-Mariner #9.

Avengers West Coast #69

Machine Man is now an Avenger. But will he ever serve on a roster?

He finally puts in some service in Avengers West Coast #83 with the other reserve members.

West Coast Avengers Annual #1

Why is Quicksilver homicidal suddenly?

Revealed in X-Factor Annual #2. As it turned out, at least part of it was the work of Maximus.

Force Works #1

Is Wonder Man dead?

Yes, he is. I also have a bridge and several large islands to sell you.

Avengers Annual #2

When will the Scarlet Centurion return?

He ended up fighting it out with the Squadron Supreme in their timeline's 30th century. If the Squadron is the JLA, the Centurion is their Lord of Time.

How did the Avengers come to be in the Scarlet Centurion's reality?

Immortus sent them there to defeat the Centurion for him, as revealed in What If Vol. I #29.

Avengers Annual #10

Is the little girl Maddy Pryor the same one who marries Cyclops in the X-Men?

No, Chris Claremont just likes the name.

Avengers Annual #14

The Skrulls lose the ability to change shape.

S'byll, empress of the Skrulls, proves to be a repository for the whole race's shapeshifting powers, and restores them to worthy Skrulls over in Silver Surfer.

Avengers Annual #17

Are Hercules and the High Evolutionary dead now?

Nope. They returned in Thor Vol. I #406-7.

Avengers Annual #18

Who is the red-armored stranger who assaults Krang?

It isn't made clear elsewhere, but it's supposed to be the Sub-Mariner.

Avengers Annual #21

When will Kang be removed froms suspended animation?

In Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective #4

Avengers Forever #10

Who are the Infinites?

Resolved in Avengers Infinity. They're big guys who like their rings. Note that we still don't know quite what their role or official standing is among the abstracts.

Avengers Forever #11

What horrible, ghastly future does this Rick Jones hail from?

The one only a few months away, according to Captain Marvel Vol. V #20.

Avengers Forever #12

What will the Supreme Intelligence do with the Forever Crystal?

Resolved in Avengers Vol. III #35. He uses it to hyper-evolve the Kree into the Ruul.

Avengers: The Ultron Imperative

What will become of Ultron's daughter Antigone?

Jocasta uses her for spare parts in Iron Man Vol. III #48.

Avengers Unplugged #5

Who is the Controller working for?

The Master, as seen in Heroes For Hire #1.

Solo Avengers #11

Is Dionysus still on Earth as a mortal bartender?

Not since his grave was viewed in Olympus as a casulty of the Dark Gods assault in Thor Vol. II #7

Solo Avengers #12

Will Tyrannus ever be freed from the Abomination's body?

Yes, in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23

So, how serious is Yellowjacket's seeming reform?

She becomes an honorary Avenger in Avengers Annual #17, and goes on to become a Guardian of the Galaxy, and a shock value death for Avengers: The Crossing.

Solo Avengers #20

What happened to Sundragon and Cloud?

Sundragon returned in Cosmic Powers Unlimited #2. Cloud appeared in Star Masters #1, and was intended to join the team, but never did.

What about Moondragon's body slowly re-aging?

Moondragon's powers are shut off by Maelstrom in Quasar #21, which would have removed any illusions she was casting to hide her body's re-aging process. Since she looked the same, her body must have finished growing before then.

Avengers Spotlight #40

Will we see Vision's "Victor Shade" identity again?

Now and then, yes, starting with Avengers Vol. I #348

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #1

When will Jorge Latham appear in his capacity listed here as the Avengers Compound's mechanic?

Never, unfortunately.

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #20

This issue raises the idea that the Two-Gun Kid may one day return to the present, and that his death may actually occur in the future.

But we know now that he died in Blaze of Glory #4. He may visit the future again, per Two-Gun Kid: Sunset Riders, but he won't come to stay.

Squadron Supreme #2

What connection does this version of the Scarlet Centurion have to the one seen in Avengers Annual #2?

According to Captain America Annual #12, he is a counterpart of the other Scarlet Centurion.

Tales Of Suspense #59

Why do the Avengers only have a butler on staff at the Mansion?

Because the rest of the staff quit when they heard about the Hulk, as seen in Avengers Vol. I #280.

What if Vol. 1 #9

Is the reality of the 1950's Avengers the Avengers view here a genuine part of Earth-616?

The letters page of What If Vol. 1 #22 states that is not set on Earth-616; somewhat confirmed in Avengers Forever #4-5

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