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From Official True Crime Cases.

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Twenty-Seven (April, 1948)
"All His Roads Led to the Chair!"
"The Murdering Mollies!"
"They Always Talk!"
"The Killer Who Loved Orchids!"

Title: "The Cop They Couldn't Stop!"
Art: Gene Colan
Heroes: "Big John" Osnato [policeman]
Villains: Toomey, Benny the Dope, Joey Fato, Duke Maffetore [criminals]
Others: Mr. and Mrs. Osnato [John's parents], Riley, Jerry [policemen], Louis Gordo [baker], Joe [John's neighbor], Helen Burns [policewoman, John's wife]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1909-12, 1918-19, 1930, 1940, 1944; Manhattan, New York, USA
Synopsis: Relates history of John Osnato in the police; at his parents' urging, he quit the police early on, but returned when they realized how much the career meant to him. Eventually promoted to detective he worked with Helen Burns and married her. John's biggest case was exposing Murder Inc., after which he retired.

Thirty (November, 1948)

Title: "Wall of Guilt!"
Heroes: Jack Purdy [attorney]
Villains: Ben Dobson [murderer]
Others: Benjamin Carew [banker, dies], Harriet Hartley, Janet Wolfe, George Aimes, Mr. Gaynor, Mr. Tilden, Mr. Brill [all six witnesses to murder], Tom Banes [homeless man], June Forde [waitress], Jim [Jack's assistant]
Genre: Crime
Setting: February 4-May 27, 1924, Target, New York, USA
Synopsis: Afer Carew is murdered, Banes is picked up and circumstancial evidence quickly points to him; however, prosecuting attorney Jack Purdy carefully reviews the evidence and finds Banes couldn't be the killer; when he announces this in the courtroom, he winds up exposing the real murderer, Dobson, who was in the audience.

Title: "Revenge!"
Villains: Conrad Malloy [counterfeiter, bootlegger], Mike [aka Watkins, counterfeiter], Jackie [Conrad's henchman]
Others: Spencer [Malloy's errand man]
Genre: Crime
Setting: August 14, 1947; New Jersey; Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Synopsis: Conrad betrays his accomplices to get ahead; when he tries to claim revenge on Mike, Mike alerts the police and he's finally captured.

Title: "Letter from the Dead!"
Villains: Hoppy Ogden [thief], Rufe Bard [pickpocket, dies]
Others: Charlie [bartender]
Genre: Crime
Setting: San Francisco, California, USA
Synopsis: Hoppy has a letter promising $100 to use for credit; when Hoppy's former cellmate Rufe sees him, he invites Hoppy to his apartment, claiming he has $10,000 hidden there; Hoppy kills Rufe but can't find the money so flees; later, the police capture Hoppy because Rufe picked his pocket for the letter before he died; Rufe also had all of his money on his person.

Title: "The Fatal Button!"
Villains: Earl Belman [accountant]
Others: Jordan [mugging victim, dies]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1923-1931, New York, USA
Synopsis: Earl wants to get a car, but first loses his money paying for injuries sustained in a car accident, then is robbed by a mugger. Desperate for money, Earl kills a man and takes his money, but discovers one of his buttons fell off at the crime scene. Earl spends five years fearing he'll be discovered and finally returns to the crime scene, only to be caught for his suspicious behaviour; the police still have the button from the murder and quickly force a confession from him.

Title: "The Eyes of Doom!"
Villains: Frank Herkimer [murderer, dies]
Others: Sam Earnest [Hart detective agency], Karl Hanover [German actor, aide to Sam]
Genre: Crime
Setting: May, 1911, Trenton, New Jersey, USA
Synopsis: Sam investigates a murder and after creating a fake murder weapon and showing it to suspects, notes one man is particularly affected by it; he begins playing on the man's nerves, planting Karl to befriend him and barraging Frank with reminders of the crime; finally, Karl pretends to murder someone and asks Frank to help conceal the crime; Frank confesses his own crime to Karl, causing his arrest; Frank is later executed in the death house, driven to become a raving lunatic from his ordeal.

Thirty-One (January, 1949)
"Strange Reunion!"
"The Prison of the Mind!"
"The Invisible Clue!"

Title: "Clue by Video!"
Heroes: Skip McCoy
Villains: Niel Westland [killer]
Others: Jane Westland [murder victim, dies]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s, Long Island, New York, USA
Synopsis: Westland claims his wife was killed by an intruder while a fuse was broken, but Skip notes Westland claimed he kept watching TV without power, exposing him as the killer.
Notes: "Let's Play Detective" feature.
"The Case of the Outlaw in Black!"

"The Path Of Doom"
"The Man In Cell 32"
"The Kid From Brooklyn"
"The White Death"
"Black Hand"

Title: "The Highwayman"
Art: Bernie Krigstein
Villains: A highwayman [robber, dies]
Others: Tim the Ostler [squire], Bess [highwayman's lover], British soldiers
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1780, Dover, England
Reprinted In: Message in a Bottle
Synopsis: A highwayman falls in love with Bess and shares some of his prizes with her, but eventually the British set a trap at Bess' home and kill the highwayman as he rides to his love.

Forty-Eight (January, 1952)

Title: "Ape Arnold, the Brute of Brooklyn"
Story: Hank Chapman
Art: George Tuska
Villains: William "Ape" Arnold [strong gangster, dies], Spike [racketeer], Greasy Gammon [protection racket boss, dies]
Others: Kitty Arnold [Ape's sister]
Genre: Crime
Setting: July 17, 1938; July 19, 1941; 1942; May 23, 1945, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Synopsis: William is dubbed "Ape" because of his strength, a nickname he despises, but loves his sister Kitty. After being sent to prison for theft Ape meets Spike and joins Greasy's mob when he gets out of prison. Ape and Spike plot to usurp Greasy's leadership, but Greasy begins dating Kitty, thinking she'll shield him. Furious, Ape hurls Greasy from a rooftop; Kitty begs Ape to turn himself in, but because she calls him "Ape" he decides she hates him too and leaps from the roof, landing on electrical wires which fry him to death.

Title: "The Waiting Death!"
Art: Fred Kida
Heroes: Harvey Dow [police officer]
Villains: Matt Gorri [extortioner], Tony Horne [Matt's henchman], Pinky Reed [gangster]
Others: Warren Welton [steamship line owner], John McMillan [district attorney]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1927, Hudson River, New York, USA
Synopsis: Gorri extorts money from shipping line owners; the law suspects him and while they can't prove it, they disrupt his business until he decides to sell out to Pinky and get out of crime. However, Pinky soon realizes the network Gorri sold him is worthless and vows to eliminate him; Gorri tells the police and they ambush Pinky's attack; Gorri and Pinky both go to prison.
"Strictly Legal!"

Title: "The Clay Pigeon!"
Art: George Tuska
Heroes: Paul Wyatt [police detective]
Villains: Monk Davis, Harry Harron, Tom Avalo [three criminals, all die]
Others: Mrs. Wells [civilian], Freddie Lund [grocery store clerk], Simon Baxter [reformed criminal, dies], Sgt. Jack Reuter [police], Mr. walker [grocery store owner]
Genre: Crime
Setting: May 15, 1940-January 4, 1941, San Francisco, California, USA
Synopsis: Eager for revenge on Baxter for turning them over to the police, Davis, Harron and Avalo frame Lund for Baxter's murder, but Wyatt easily deduces Lund isn't a killer and the true killers are imprisoned and executed.
"Dead City!"
"No Escape!"

Title: "They Vanish by Night!"
Art: George Tuska
Heroes: Frank Baldwin [policeman]
Villains: Harvey Monric [leader of motorcycle gang], Bart Holt [warehouse owner, dies]
Others: Malvin Cross [police detective], Burt Sampson [clothing dealer], Lt. Mackenzie, Hammond [policemen]
Genre: Crime
Setting: New York, USA
Synopsis: Baldwin is shot by members of a motorcycle gang who vanish before anyone can respond; he investigates and eventually discovers they've been using warehouses and trucks to quickly conceal their vehicles; Baldwin sets a trap for the gang and tricks them into driving into a police turck, while Holt crashes his own truck and dies fleeing.


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From Cindy Smith.

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Forty-Three (February, 1951)
"Fancy Dan"

Title: "The Horror of Gaul"
Art: Myron Fass
Heroes: Quartrino [hunchback, servant of Count de Vilpone, dies]
Villains: Count Marcel de Vilpone [nobleman, masked highwayman, dies], Jacques DuBois [highwayman, dies]
Others: Marquise de Champeneaux [nobleman, dies], Felice de Champeneaux [nobleman's daughter], Captain Francois Duval [French military police]
Genre: Crime
Setting: May 19, 1527, Bordeaux, France
Synopsis: Count de Vilpone commits robberies and murders while wearing a mask. When he plots to kill Felice to protect his identity, Quatrino turns on his master, warning Felice in time to save his life; Quatrino and the count perish in combat together.
"Mind Over Murder"
"The Case of the Lucky Number!"

Eleven (June, 1952)

Title: "D.O.A."
Art: Jerry Robinson
Heroes: Poe [police detective]
Villains: Herman Ferris [hijacker, dies] and his gang [Sid Noonan, Kirk leland, Knuckles Kerr, Nick Olsen], Kerry Huston, Oscar Colbert [gang members who give up information on Ferris, both die], Frank Wales [truck dispatcher, dies]
Others: Ed Beatty [trucking company owner]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1944, USA
Synopsis: Ferris kills men who betrayed him. The police set up a trap for him, not realizing the truck dispatcher Wales is working with Ferris. However, Wales isn't able to warn Ferris about the trap in time and in speeding to warn him instead crashes into Ferris' car, killing them both.

Title: "One Must Die!"
Art: Tony DiPreta
Villains: Mark Rondo [burglar, dies] and his gang [Eli, Len, Johnson, Radigan], Lippy Gardel [Rondo's rival, dies], Victor Birch [Rondo's rival, dies] and his gang [Ted Scarise, Norm Warton, Hub Pollard, Ben Smiley]
Others: Gibbons, Mac [policemen], Spaulding [police detective], Graves [prison warden]
Genre: Crime
Setting: May 15, 1922, USA
Synopsis: Rondo's preparations for a big job are spoiled by Lippy and Birch. Rondo's mob kills Lippy before being arrested. Winding up in the same prison as Birch, Rondo tries to kill him, but in a struggle on the prison roof they both fall to their deaths.

Title: "The Hoods!"
Art: Jack Keller
Villains: Jed Baylah [criminal], Alex Grant [getaway driver], Leo Devon [Jed's mob, dies], Dom Morcas, Bucky Lawler [Jed's mob], Warren Keith [big shot crook]
Others: Maggie, Myrtle [maids], Logan, Hannon [policemen]
Genre: Crime
Setting: September, 1930, west coast USA
Synopsis: The crimes Jed plans keep going awry as his men insist they work alongside Warren Keith, a seeming professional. However, when Keith leads them in a robbery they trip a silent alarm and wind up arrested.

Title: "The Man Who Had to Die!"
Art: Marion Sitton
Heroes: Al Breen [witness to robbery and murder]
Villains: Ferdinand Duvani [robber], Bruce Tunga [Duvani's gunman, dies], Jack Romar, Oscar Phipps, Dutch Salz [Duvani's mob]
Others: Louis Fitch [accountant, dies], Lt. Sol Hamond, Bowes, Taylor, Harry Sherman [police detectives], Vera Breen [Al's wife]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1948, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Synopsis: Breen sees Duvani murder Fitch during a robbery and Duvani tries to kill him, but has used up his ammunition. When Breen is publicly identified as a witness, Duvani sends Tunga to kill him, but the police lie in wait and save Breen from Tunga, then arrest Duvani's gang.


From Willie Comics.

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Twenty-Four (August, 1950)

Title: "Leo Makley - the Man Who Executed the Most Daring Crime of the Decade! A Million-Dollar Payroll Robbery... In Broad Daylight!"
Heroes: Lt. Devlin [police detective]
Villains: Leo Makley and his gang [Chubby]
Others: Mr. Beeker [Atlas armored car executive]
Genre: Crime
Setting: May 9, 1926, New York City, USA
Synopsis: Leo Makley's gang blow up an armored car with a time bomb and escape, but Lt. Devlin realizes the car had been running late and they were expecting it to explode closer to their hideout; he locates their hideout and captures the gang.

Title: "Eddie Darrow the Man Who Put Murder on Fortune's Wheel and Lost --"
Villains: Edward "Eddie" J. Darrow [gambler], Mario Kruger [nightclub owner]
Others: Mac [casino employee], Big Sal, the Whip [racetrack touts], Victoria King [T.J.'s wife, dies], Tom J. "T.J." King [tin tycoon, horse owner, dies], Emery [the Kings' butler]
Genre: Crime
Setting: August, 1930, New York City, USA; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Synopsis: Eddie needs money to pay off Mario; at the racetrack, he's inspired by Victoria King to bet on one of her horses; the horse wins and Eddie pays his debts. Interested in Victoria, Eddie starts up a romance with her and murders her husband. They go to Brazil to be married, but Eddie starts hitting on Brazilian women; Victoria threatens to divorce him and reveal his murders. Eddie arranges Victoria's death, but he's caught and imprisoned; then he learns Victoria's will left her entire fortune to him.

Title: "Madame la Marquise Beautiful but Deadly!"
Heroes: Jules [Marquis de Bruyille's nephew]
Villains: Marquise Marie Aubray de Bruyille [poisoner, dies], Captain Crosse [Marie's secret lover, dies]
Others: The Marquis de Bruyille [Marie's husband], Henri [chef], Marie's father [dies]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1651-December 4, 1653, France
Synopsis: Marie and Crosse plan to poison her husband, but test their poison on other people first; Jules learns what they're doing so they try to kill him, but he outfights Crosse, who accidentally exposes himself to the poison and dies; the Marquise is sent to the gallows.

Title: "The Big Five! They Had the Answer for 'Big Jim' Ellerbee When He Tried to Make a Million... The Easy Way!"
Heroes: Morgan Hyland [millionaire miner], Lunatti, Orrin Harris, Mike, Maloney [all wealthy men]
Villains: "Big" Jim Ellerbee [leader of crooks], Frank Byrnes, "Fats" Fallon [Jim's gang], Pompeo [Italian sailor], Santo [sailor]
Others: Walter [Morgan's chauffeur]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1946, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Synopsis: Big Jim takes over the job of Hyland's chauffeur, then gets Frank and Fallon jobs as well; when Hyland goes on a vacation trip with four of his wealthy friends, Big Jim tries to make his move and rob them, but all five men prove tougher than they expected and defeat the criminals.

Title: "Mr. Rodney Yeames the Overconfident Con Man Who Swore He Was Too Smart for Any Cop! But But After a Harmless Little Fishing Trip, He Wasn't Quite So Sure!"
Villains: Rodney Yeames [con man], Feehan [criminal]
Others: Keats [Yeames' butler], Beauchamp [farmer], Andy [fisher]
Genre: Crime
Setting: March 21-June 24, 1941, Ottawa, Canada; Miami, Florida, USA
Synopsis: Yeames' real estate swindle in Texas causes him to flee to Canada, where he swindles farmers. Going to Florida, he swindles a fisherman, tricking him out of his fish so he can claim it. Yeames' appropriated fish earns him a new world record, but this brings in attention from the authorities, who arrest Yeames.

Twenty-Six (January, 1951)

Title: "He Dealt in Death"
Villains: Frankie Noles [writer, photographer, profiteer, dies], Raton [black market]
Others: Alfonso, Maria [Portuguese couple]
Genre: Crime
Setting: June, 1940, London, UK; Lisbon, Portugal
Synopsis: Frankie's newspaper won't send him to cover the war so he boards a ship to Portugal. However, when he learns how much goods can be sold for in Lisbon, he stays there to run the black market. During a smallpox epidemic he steals the vaccine so he can extort people for the cure, until the authorities learn of his activities. Fleeing the police, Frankie develops smallpox himself and goes delirious, eventually falling from an acqueduct to his death.

Title: "Ben Cartel's Revenge"
Villains: Big Ben Cartel [thief, dies], Limey Hart [Ben's ally, dies], Clem Barker [Ben's cellmate]
Genre: Crime
Setting: June 12, 1942-August 13, 1943, Ohio, USA
Synopsis: During a robbery, Limey shoots a watchman. After being captured, Limey claims Ben was the killer. Ben is sentenced to life and vows revenge; when Limey is sent to the same prison, he murders him, only to learn Limey had confessed the truth; Ben is sentenced to death for killing Limey.

Title: "The Assassin of Paris"
Villains: Peppe Beauchamps [killer, dies], Duval, Reynaud [Peppe's clients]
Others: Armond [victim, dies]
Genre: Crime
Setting: April 22-November 9, 1931, Paris, France; Reims, France
Synopsis: Peppe takes various assignments to murder men for his clients, until while targeting a man aboard a train he tries to leap off the train to escape the police, only to be hit by a train on the opposite tracks.

Title: "Terror in a Taxi"
Heroes: Walter Clyde [police detective]
Villains: Gus Baylor [taxi driver, killer, dies]
Others: Lola [waitress], Captain Charles Ford [police chief]
Genre: Crime
Setting: October 18-November 2, 1924, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Synopsis: Baylor kills his passengers for their money until Clyde takes a ride in his cab and outmaneuvers him, killing Baylor.


Title: "Gang War in Brooklyn"
Art: Joe Maneely
Villains: Blackie Graham, Charlie Crumb, Squint Jenson [robbers, all die], Boils Raftis, Itchy Carpento, Nails Jenson, Mike "Monster" Murphy, Joe Keats [robbers], Adams [boat owner]
Others: Louie [passerby], Mr. Holey [district attorney], Raftis [policeman, Boils' brother], FBI agents, Burns detectives, Pinkerton detectives, policemen
Genre: Crime
Setting: June 21, 1934-August 26, 1934; July 9, 1936, Coney Island; Manhattan; Brooklyn, New York, USA
Synopsis: Blackie and Charlie mastermind a plot to rob an armored car then escape aboard a boat, but during the escape Charlie accidentally shoots himself and later dies of his injuries. Years later, Blackie is killed by an unidentified gunman; the rest of the gang are eventually captured.
"The Case Of The Deadly Diamond"
"The Case Of The Stolen Steamer"

Seven (September, 1951)
"Fugitive At Large"

Title: "Deadly Deception!"
Story: Carl Wessler
Art: John Romita, Les Zakarin
Villains: Elsa Neubacher [German thief, impostor]; Count Luis de las Almas V. Vasques [Slippery Looie, thief, impostor]
Others: Helen Corwin-Sykes [wealthy woman]; Stevens [butler]; Arthur [wealthy man]; Captain Creighton [Scotland Yard detective]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1948, England
Synopsis: Elsa poses as a countess in order to win the confidence of wealthy people and steal their belongings; she also romances Count Luis, but trips up with Elsa is recognized by a former victim and Luis turns out to be a thief and impostor just like her; they are both caught.

Title: "Cry Wolf!"
Art: Ed Moore
Heroes: Leo Anderson [12 year old, compulsive liar]
Villains: Red Crowder [bank robber] and his gang
Others: Waters [policeman], Mr. and Mrs. Anderson [Leo's parents]
Genre: Crime
Setting: Medford, Wisconsin, USA
Synopsis: Leo lies so often that no one believes him when he says the Red Crowder gang is plotting to rob the Medford bank; however, Leo directs the gang to make their escape down a road with a rotten bridge, so the police catch the gang in the end.

Title: "The Patsy!"
Art: Norman Steinberg
Heroes: Tommy Gray [boxer, becomes gangster]
Villains: Vincent "Vinnie" Coga [racketeer, dies], Marge King [Vinnie's wife], Johnny Balto [Vinnie's gunman]
Others: Joe Blake [Tommy's manager], Moss [tailor], Bill Wallace [plainclothes cop undercover in Coga's mob, dies], Peale, Munn [police detectives]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950, New York City, New York, USA
Synopsis: Tommy gives up boxing to work for Coga but dislikes having to harm people. After Vinnie kills Bill Wallace and discovers he was a cop he frames Tommy. Tommy escapes the police and confronts Coga, killing him in the confrontation. Madge reveals the truth to the police but Tommy is still arrested for participating in Coga's rackets.


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Two (February, 1951)

"The Two Mad Dogs"
"The Man Without a Face"

Title: "The String Puller!"
Heroes: Barney Walsh [rookie policeman]
Villains: Mayor Thomas Baldwin [corrupt mayor of Stapleton], Snuffy [robber]
Others: Cy [shopkeeper], Owen [reckless driver], Sam Cahill [veteran policeman]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1914, Stapleton, Virginia, USA
Synopsis: Barney discovers Stapleton's mayor has been secretly masterminding crimes in the town and exposes him, throwing the mayor in prison.


Title: "The Stone Wall"
Art: Jack Keller
Heroes: Peter Stafford [assistant bank bookkeeper]
Villains: George Ryerson [bookkeeper, dies], Walt Jorey [Stafford's cellmate, dies], Midford, Kraus [escaped convicts, both die]
Others: Mr. Kipley [bank manager], Rollins [bank staff], Blackwell, Hansen [prison guards]
Genre: Crime
Setting: May 30, 1936, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Synopsis: Ryerson robs the bank where he works and frames Stafford; in prison, Stafford asks to join Jorey's jailbreak but Jorey refuses, encouraging Stafford to earn his release through good behaviour. Jorey and his accomplices die during the jailbreak; afterward, Stafford learns he's been cleared of Ryerson's crime and Jorey was about to get a parole for good behaviour.

Title: "The Darro Gang!"
Art: Russ Heath
Villains: Lucky Darro and his gang [all die]
Others: Charlie, Barney [policemen]
Genre: Crime
Setting: April 11-June 12, 1949, Redville, Wisconsin; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Synopsis: Lucky's gang escape a robbery by driving an ambulance; in a later scheme, they blast an armoured truck using dynamite, only to rupture a gas main; dizzied by the gas fumes, the gang are mowed down by the police.

Title: "Danger in the Dark"
Heroes: John T. Waters [police patrolman]
Villains: Frank Drexal [serial killer, dies]
Others: Miss Brian [policewoman], a waitress
Genre: Crime
Setting: September 3, 1932, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Synopsis: Waters tries to catch the man killing and robbing couples as they park in their cars; with Brian's help, they find a waitress who received gifts from the killer; she gives up Drexal as the man; Waters storms Drexal's apartment as Drexal climbs out the window, then falls to his death.

Title: "The Death Train"
Art: Tony DiPreta
Heroes: Ben Sawyer [homicide detective]
Villains: Cas Marton and his gang: Jojo, Mark Ferro [dies], Ted Snyder
Others: Frank Leighton, Ed [policemen], Captain Foster, Captain James Wherry [police captains], Al Gordon [police detective]
Genre: Crime
Setting: August, 1935, Buffalo, New York; Chicago, Illinois, USA
Synopsis: During a bank robbery, Ferro is recognized by a guard and has to kill him; this sets Ben Sawyer on the gang's trail by looking for Ferro, finally capturing him in New York. Morgan leads his gang after Ferro to kill him before he can testify; as Sawyer is transporting Ferro on a train, the gang attack and shoot Ferro then plant a bomb; Sawyer gets rid of the bomb, then captures Marton's gang - not for the robbery, but for Ferro's murder.

Eleven (Spring, 1952)

Title: "Too Rotten to Live"
Art: Jerry Robinson
Heroes: Bill Winters [mechanic]
Villains: Horwell, Bert, Snyder, Cowan, Vic [gangsters]
Others: Danny Mitchell [pilot], "Buzz" Norton, Al Franklin [pilots, both die], Mickey Crandon [radio announcer], Eddie [mechanic], Captain Fowler [police officer]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1947, Illinois, USA
Synopsis: Horwell and his gang try to force Bill to sabotage Buzz and Al's planes because they're betting on Mitchell in a race; when Bill refuses, they kidnap him and perform the sabotage themselves. In the subsequent race, Buzz and Al's planes explode, killing them both. Bill escapes the gangsters and alerts the police; although the gangsters catch up to Bill on an airfield and try to kidnap him again aboard a zepplin, the police rescue Bill and arrest the gangsters.
"One More Haul"
"Member of the Mob"

Twelve (April, 1952)

Title: "Death House Break!"
Art: Jerry Robinson
Heroes: Charles Wendell [prison guard]
Villains: Rork Bohlen, Mac Horrigan [prisoners, both die]
Others: Ann Wendell [Charles' wife], Jackie Wendell, Miriam Wendell [Charles' children], Shaeffer, Captain Hurley [prison guards], Robert Pearce [prison warden]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1935, southwest USA
Synopsis: Bohlen and Horrigan stage a prison break and take Wendell as a hostage to help escape. Ann and her children come to the scene of the break and rush to be with Wendell; Horrigan wants to kill the woman and children but Bohlen refuses and the two fall out, killing each other; as Bohlen dies, Wendell thanks him.
"When Thieves Fall Out!"
"The Wrong Victim"

Fourteen June, 1952)

Title: "The Syndicate Smashers!"
Art: Tony DiPreta
Heroes: Ted Weston [US treasury agent]
Villains: Rudolph Bacher [businessman, meat packer, working with liquor dealers, dies], Joie Talbot [liquor smuggler], Al, Abazzio, Barney, Paul [Joie's gang]
Others: Pat Healy [police patrolman], Sgt. Olvig [police desk sergeant]
Genre: Crime
Setting: September, 1927, USA
Synopsis: Talbot robs Bacher's party which places Weston on his trail. When Talbot realizes his smuggling ship is about to be boarded he dumps the liquor, but the police catch him on the shore and when Bacher arrives to deal with Talbot, the police realize they were working together all along. Bacher attempts to flee, but the police shoot him down.

Title: "Case History"
Art: Jack Keller
Heroes: Allan Colby [district attorney]
Villains: Michael "Bets" Corrigan [gambler, gang lord, dies], Nick Sponzi [gangster, dies], Castro [Nick's rival, dies], Stendahl [Nick's rival, dies], Lefty [Nick's subordinate, dies], Skids [Nick's mob]
Others: Joe [bookie]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1946, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Synopsis: Corrigan goes to work for Nick Sponzi and helps eliminate Nick's rivals, but then tricks Lefty into thinking Nick wants him dead; Lefty kills Nick, then Corrigan kills Lefty. The mob prospers under Corrigan's new leadership but draws the attention of D.A. Colby. Hunted by the police and paranoid, Corrigan finally kills himself.

Title: "Flaming Fury"
Art: Vernon Henkel
Heroes: Neil Gilman [police detective], Martin Brett [police detective], John Wilkes [fire inspector]
Villains: Andy Dakus [professional arsonist, dies], Stubby, Crawley [Andy's mob, all die]
Others: George Hazlett [police patrolman], Robert J. Rundel [business owner], Wainer [scientist]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1946 USA
Synopsis: Andy is hired to burn down property so its owners can collect insurance. He makes a deal with Wainer to obtain rubidium, an extremely flammable material, but while being chased by the police the rubidum bursts into flames inside of Andy's car, wiping out the entire mob.

Title: "Gangland Killing!"
Art: Dan Loprieno
Heroes: Lt. Wyner [police detective]
Villains: Jessie Igaro [criminal, dies], Red Collins [gang leader, dies], Nickie, Gus, Vince [Red's mob], Reggie Hughes [hitman, dies]
Others: Larry Franklin [victim of Red, dies], James Horner [motorcycle patrolman], Eddie [lunch counter operator], Keyho [police desk sergeant]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1932 USA
Synopsis: After killing Larry Franklin, Red's car is chased by the police and Jessie falls out. Jessie agrees to help the police so Red hires Reggie to assassinate him. Reggie succeeds without being caught, but Red has already told the police where to find Reggie. Reggie comes after Red and Red goes to the police for protection. The police kill Reggie, then execute Red for killing Larry.


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Four (November, 1948)
"The Deadly Decision"
"The Pirate and The Black Cat!"
"The Race With Death"
"Clue to a Kidnaper"

Title: "Crime: Kidnapping! Victim: Abraham Lincoln!"
Art: John Buscema
Heroes: Barry Stock [young printer]
Villains: Jack Fling [counterfeiter], Howard Leek, Fred Dane, Greene, Summings [gangsters]
Others: Abraham Lincoln [US President], Blake, Special Agent Colby [treasury agents], Robert Lincoln [Abraham's son]
Genre: Crime
Setting: November 19, 1863, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA; 1873; April 10, 1876-May 31, 1877, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Synopsis: Young Stock is deluded into a life of crime but after his first arrest agrees to work for the treasury agency. Eventually, Stock learns the gang intends to rob Abraham Lincoln's corpse to use as ransom; being a hero worshiper of Lincoln, Stock alerts the agency and they catch the gang in the act.
"Meet the Victim...You!"

Six (March, 1949)
"The Last Cigarette!"
"Terror by Remote Control!"
"Gangster's Goal"
"The Bullet Sings!"

Title: "Tide of Terror!"
Art: Carl Burgos
Villains: Philip Slade [thief]
Others: Arthur Wales [Slade's boss, dies], Sally Slade [Slade's wife]
Genre: Crime
Setting: July 18, 1942, Long Island, New York, USA
Synopsis: Slade murders his boss but the rowboat he'd planned for his escape drifts away. Slade hurries home on foot but the police come when the lost rowboat washes ashore and Slade confesses his crime.

Thirteen (January, 1955)
"Clay Pigeon!"

Title: "The Big Blow-Up!"
Art: John Severin
Heroes: Charley [prison guard]
Villains: Big Ed Weaver [prison inmate #26645]; Costa [inmate], Tiger Gotshak [inmate, former boxer]
Others: Brad, Chris, Dan [prison guards]
Genre: Crime
Setting: March 28, 1948, USA
Synopsis: After Charley breaks up a racket Weaver and Costa were running in the prison he feels those men are planning something. Dynamite disappears during a work detail and it turns up with Costa, who hoped to blast his way out of prison; Charley is badly wounded fighting Charley but reaches the dynamite in time to hurl it out of the prison yard.
"South of the Border!"
"Detective Work"


4 5 67 8 9 10 11 12

Nine (October, 1951)

Title: "Nick Dorgan... the Boss"
Art: Jerry Robinson
Villains: Nick Dorgan [taxi driver, becomes gangster, dies], Flip Endicott [gang leader, dies], Kit Hammersby, Bunk Slattery [gangsters]
Others: Berryl Dorgan [Nick's wife]
Genre: Crime
Setting: May 23, 1923-September 4, 1924, midwestern USA; 1925, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Synopsis: Nick has a chance encounter with Flip and decides to join his gang; Berryl hates Nick for becoming a gangster and leaves him, raising their newborn child in Ireland. Distraught, Nick murders Flip and declares himself the new boss of the gang; before dying, Flip encourages his men to follow Nick. Nick becomes increasingly reckless and murderous in his career, especially when Berryl dies and her relatives refuse to let him have custody of his son. Finally, Nick is murdered by Kit, who declares himself the new boss of the gang; just as Flip before him, Nick tells his men to follow Kit.
"The Man Who Died Twice"
"The Man Who Never Forgot"


From Wacky Duck

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Continued in Tales of Justice.

Eleven (June, 1949)

Title: "The Strange History of Fink Logan... The Man Who Had Two Faces!"
Villains: Fink Logan [gunman, dies], Lutty [gang lord, dies], Bozo [Lutty's gunman, dies], Barker [gangster], Gig Bailey [criminal]
Others: Sheriff William Peters [sheriff of Shreve Hill, dies], Sylvia [Peters' secretary], Sam Garfield [banker]
Genre: Crime
Setting: May 6-20, 1925, New Orleans, Louisiana; Shreve Hill, Florida, USA
Synopsis: Fink has a terrible temper; after killing Lutty and Bozo, he flees to Shreve Hill and with Gig's help, kills Sheriff Peters and assumes his appearance so he can rob the local bank. However, on his way back to Gig, people realize Fink isn't Peters because of his poor grammar and a shoot-out erupts; Gig turns on Fink and Fink dies in a hail of gunfire, but Gig is arrested as Fink's accomplice.

Title: "The Case of the Strange Clue!"
Heroes: Sheriff Mac Millan [lawman of Wilson Falls]
Villains: Mrs. Dorne [tavern owner]
Others: Police officers [Flanagan], Stanley Calhoun [wealthy man, dies]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1936, Wilson Falls, New York, USA
Synopsis: Mrs. Dorne claims someone kidnapped Calhoun outside of her establishment, but it turns out she attacked him for his money.

Title: "Mission to Murder!"
Art: Allen Bellman
Heroes: Skip McCoy
Villains: New Party [Neo-Nazis], Corporal "Dixie" Smith [US Army, spy for New Party]
Others: Huggins [spy in New Party, dies], Major Green [US Army commander in Berlin]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1940s Berlin, Germany
Synopsis: Skip is summoned to Berlin to aid Major Green. Huggins is found dead after leaving a New Party meeting but Skip realizes Corporal Smith, who was supposed to meet him, was the murderer because his story about Huggins hitting a tree branch with his head didn't match the evidence; Corporal Smith admits all.
Note: "Are You a Detective?" feature.

Title: "Perry Laird One of the Strangest, Maddest, Public Enemies of the Roaring Thirties!"
Art: Pierce Rice
Villains: Perry Laird [assassin, glassware enthusiast, dies], Anthony "Big Tony" Rossi [crime lord, dies], Trigger, Harry [Anthony's gunmen]
Others: Lawrence Mason [tobacco store owner, dies], Joe Mackey [newspaper writer], Mary [Joe's secretary], Al, Pete [police officers]
Genre: Crime
Setting: April-May 12, 1932, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Synopsis: Perry has an eccentric love of glassware but he's the best assassin in Chicago, preferring the knife over the gun. Big Tony uses Perry repeatedly, until he sends him after Mackey and Perry fails in his hit; angry, Big Tony smashes Perry's glassware and an outraged Perry murders him; Big Tony's gunmen kill Perry, but they're arrested immediately afterward.

Nineteen (January, 1951)
"Alvin Creepy Karpis"
"...Tell No Tales"
"Death Of A Spy!"

Title: "Hammer Horror"
Heroes: Detective John Murray [police investigator]
Villains: Thorson [psychopath with a hammer, dies]
Others: Marvin [bystander], John Murray Jr. [detective's son], Mrs. Murray [John's wife], Dugan, Kelly [police officers]
Genre: Crime, Horror
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: A psychopath with a hammer kills people when it rains. Murray works on the case and is inspired by his son to realize the killer based himself on the god Thor. Murray keeps the killer from killing one of the police, but he gets away. From the hammer, Murray discovers he works at a barrel-making factory and identifies the killer as Thorson. He tracks Thorson until is rains again and a mania overcomes Thorson, who thinks himself the god of thunder. Thorson knocks Murray down and climbs the Wesley Building, calling on the power of the storm, only to be struck by lightning and killed.

Twenty-Two (July, 1951)

Title: "The Big Break!"
Art: Jerry Robinson
Villains: Johnny Nimble [gang leader, dies], Little Angelo [lines up job for Johnny, dies], Harry "the Harp" Lund [Johnny's top henchman, dies], Coffee Mike Skuda [smuggler], English Eddie [customs officer, Skuda's ally], Dip Harper [prison legman, dies], Dopey Daniels [prisoner, engraver, dies]
Genre: Crime
Setting: September, 1932, USA
Synopsis: Johnny is careful to eliminate even his own allies in his operations, such as when he robs Coffee Mike Skuda. Sent to prison for six weeks with his aide Harry, Johnny and Harry join Dip and Dopey's plot to break out of the prison, then kill their two allies while getting out of a sewer tunnel, but they find Skuda waiting on the other side of the tunnel, he having survived Johnny's earlier attack. Skuda kills Johnny and Harry.
"Death of a Pigeon"

Twenty-Four (November, 1951)

Title: "The Thirty Seconds of Frankie Dunn"
Art: Russ Heath
Heroes: Lt. Theodore Dugan [police detective]
Villains: Tom Bendalust [corrupt politician, dies], Big Dan Corri [racket king, dies] and his gang
Others: Frankie Dunn [boxer, fall guy], Mrs. Dunn [Frankie's mother], May [Bendalust's secretary, dies], Captain Denzier [police chief]
Genre: Crime
Setting: April 14, 1943, New York City, USA
Synopsis: Former allies Bendalust and Corri fall out; Corri arranges Bendalust's death, but frames Bendalust's boxing protege Frankie for the crime. Lt. Dugan investigates the murder and eventually finds the link to Corri, chasing him down and killing him, then using the evidence to save Frankie from the electric chair.

Title: "The Silver Shield"
Art: Joe Sinnott
Heroes: Fred Moran [policeman]
Villains: Two criminals [both die]
Others: Joe Kildare [Chicago Courier newspaper editor], Tom Malone [reporter], Phil Kristella [doctor], Mike Sandowsky [bank vice-president], Mr. Felucci [grocery store owner]
Genre: Crime
Setting: October 2, 1948, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Synopsis: Tom Malone tells the story of Fred, a childhood friend who decided at an early age to become a policeman, even as other friends became wildly successful in their vocations. Once day as the men met together, Phil and Mike trying to convince Fred he should change careers, a criminal broke in; Fred stopped the criminal and killed him, but died in the attempt; he gave his badge to Tom, asking him to tell his story; Tom complied.

Title: "Grounds for Murder!"
Art: Paul Cooper
Villains: Don and Harold Wright [criminals, brothers, both die]
Others: Edwin Pryor [insurance victim, looks like Don Wright, dies]
Genre: Crime
Setting: November, 1949, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Synopsis: Don and Harold kill Edwin then arrange it look like he died by accident and is really Don so they can collect on Don's insurance while the real Don flees the area in Edwin's identity. However, the police suspect suicide and hold and autopsy, leading them to think "Edwin" killed "Don." Don can't prove his real identity on the stand and winds up in the electric chair, but Harold accidentally kills himself in his car when his engine releases poisonous fumes.

Title: "Backfire!"
Art: Jack Keller
Heroes: Detective Caldwell [police detective]
Villains: Brute Cordey [criminal], George Parker [criminal, dies], Keystone Eddie, Knifer [convicts]
Others: Thomas Matlack [real estate agent], Mrs. Ryan [landlady], Sgt. Anderson [policeman]
Genre: Crime
Setting: April 14-June 6, 1950, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Synopsis: Just out of prison, Brute and George buy a tape recorder; they get into a fight so that Brute can rob Matlack while George plays the recording as an alibi for him. The plan seemingly works, until Brute returns and finds George died of a concussion from their mock fight and he winds up back in prison for murder.


Title: "The Death of Danny Lewis"
Art: Jerry Robinson
Heroes: Danny Lewis [Daily World photographer, dies]
Villains: Charlie Bruester [gangster], Maxie Williams [gangster, dies], Howie [gangster]
Others: Detective Kenneth Duncan [police inspector], Nick Kryazo [gangland victim, dies], Gibson [eyewitness], Claude Vines [Daily World editor], O'Hearn [police officer]
Genre: Crime
Setting: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August 19, 1946
Synopsis: Lewis photographs Maxie killing Nick Kryazo. He keeps the film for himself to cash it in to Maxie. However, when Maxie's allies learn he's been compromised they shoot him; near-death, Maxie escapes. Unwilling to pay Lewis for the photo, Charlie and Howie try to kill him instead. Maxie tells everything to the police on his death-bed, but they arrive too late to save Lewis, who is killed by Charlie.
"The Man Who Couldn't Stop"
"Badge #8725"
"The Secret of Simon's Shop"

Twenty-Eight (July, 1952)

Title: "Terror in the Streets"
Art: Jerry Robinson
Villains: Otto "the Dutchman" Kurtz [mob boss, dies] and his gang [Rocky, Frenchy; all die], Ernie [mob boss, dies], Frankie, Romero, Georgie [Ernie's gunmen, all die], Philadelphia John [criminal, dies]
Others: Louis [barber], Captain Marshall [yacht captain]
Genre: Crime
Setting: February-June 17, 1928, New York City, USA
Synopsis: Kurtz gets out of prison and begins seizing control of the underworld, murdering his rivals. Kurtz buys a yacht, but his enemies blow it up; the local barber, Louis, tells the police how to round up those who remain.

Title: "The Electric Chair"
Art: Tony DiPreta
Heroes: Frank Greco, Adam Reyt [policemen]
Villains: Johnny Peck, Chick Grey, Sig Faren, Blackie Thomas, Gene Radick, Hal Duffy [gang of robbers, all die except for Faren]
Others: Benjamin R. Lawrence [businessman, dies], Nortlin Gallagher [Chick's lawyer]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: When Chick's gang rob Lawrence's safe, Lawrence walks in on them; Chick kills Lawrence and is picked up by the police. The others fear he'll give them up and Faren and Duffy get themselves into prison so they can murder Chick; they walk in on Chick just as he's about to be electrocuted and Duffy accidentally electrocutes himself; eventually, everyone except Faren is tried and executed.

Title: "Foolproof"
Villains: Ralph Denby, "Careless" Moran [bootleggers, both die] and their gang
Others: Scarcella [alcohol dealer]
Genre: Crime
Setting: Spring, 1951
Synopsis: Denby and Moran run liquor into dry states and are successful, but eventually turn on each other until Moran has Denby killed; the police soon catch up with Moran and kill him.

Title: "Worse Than Murder!"
Art: Jack Keller
Villains: Chester Poole [marijuana dealer, dies]
Others: Howard Martin [wealthy man, druggie, dies], Marilyn Harper [Howard's fiancee, dies], Wally, McIntyre [policemen]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1951, USA
Synopsis: Chester hooks Howard on marijuana and Howard accidentally crashes his car, killing Marilyn; Chester starts dealing cocaine to Howard and Howard becomes a druggie, losing his money in pursuit of his drugs, eventually murdering a man while trying to get money. Howard finally attacks Chester and Chester's associates and kills them all, but is himself slain by a stray bullet.

Thirty (October, 1952)

Title: "The Gang"
Story: Carl Wessler
Art: Carmine Infantino
Heroes: Tom Cabot, Russ Roland [police detectives], Sgt. Bruce McGovern [police]
Villains: Erik Weaver [gang leader] and his "Ghost Gang:" Herb Paige [dies], Frank Tarter [dies], Jack Dix, Bruno Strom, Owny Leach [dies]
Others: George Foran [bank teller], Mr. Chelsey [bank manager], Captain James Yarr [police captain]
Genre: Crime
Setting: June 6, 1940, USA
Synopsis: Weaver's "Ghost Gang" succeed in their bank robberies because they're unknowns in the town, but eventually one man is killed during a heist and the police gradually learn how the gang cases locations by posing as workmen, enabling them to trap and capture most of the gang.
"Behind Prison Walls"
"On Parole"
"Rub Out"

Thirty-Five (March, 1953)

Title: "The Man With a Gun"
Villains: Tony "Tough Tony" Viaglio [gang boss, dies] and his gang: Monk Murr [dies], Jess Wolfe [dies], Otto Harnet, Rod Cobey [dies], Everett Dominik [gang's driver, dies]; Lennie Nicolo [informant]
Others: Phil Clooney [police officer], Ben Kilmer [accountant], Val Jenini [police detective], Lt. Ed Gage [Jenini's partner], Dr. Edwin Samuels [surgeon, dies], Mike [bartender], Pomeroy [prison guard, dies], John Friely [prison warden]
Genre: Crime
Setting: March 7, 1927
Synopsis: After Tony's gang holds up a subway accounting office, Monk is shot by the police. Tony sees that Monk is treated by Dr. Samuels, then kills Samuels. Monk takes some time to heal and Tony finally abandons him. Monk gives up the gang to the police, who kill three of Tony's men before capturing him. Tony overpowers a prison guard and takes his gun, then kills Monk in his cell. Tony tries to escape the prison with a rope, but accidentally hangs himself.

Title: "Have You Seen Joe Smith?"
Art: Gene Colan
Heroes: Bill Andrews [Joe Smith's childhood friend]
Villains: Joe Smith [alias Mike Avnor, gunman, dies]
Others: Lt. Johns [police detective], Bernie [club owner], Sally [Joe's girlfriend]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s Manhattan, USA
Synopsis: Bill goes looking for Joe but can't find him and evidence suggests Joe is dead. Bill presses his search and finally locates Joe, a wanted man who faked his death to escape the police. The police who trailed Bill kill Joe in a shootout.

Title: "Breakdown!"
Heroes: Inspector Leonard Frawly [police detective]
Villains: Pete Wilson, Amos Kuban, Murray Dahl [three hoodlums]
Others: Herman Miller [liquor store owner, dies], Mandel, Hyatt, Burns [police detectives], Edward Haggerty [patrolman]
Genre: Crime
Setting: March 5, 1934
Synopsis: Wilson, Kuban and Dahl murder Miller while robbing his store and get away unnoticed. Frawly sends out detectives who see the trio spending money. Frawly has the men brought in separately and tells Wilson the other two have pinned him as the sole murderer; he signs a confession pinning the deed on all three of them, dooming himself and his friends.

Title: "Gangs Roam the Streets!"
Heroes: Lt. Scotty Fitzhugh [police detective]
Villains: Anton Masey [power-hungry mobster], Rocco, Macconi, Travis [Anton's mob], Fred Koburn [beer baron, dies], Chick Doran [Koburn's mob, dies], Eddie Baxter [beer distributor, dies], Baxter's mob
Others: Phillips [policeman], Captain Shorham [police official], Dr. Hogard [Masey's optometrist]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: Masey hears the Baxter and Koburn mobs are going to fight so he arranges to smash both mobs, leaving Baxter's people to take the rap. However. Lt. Fitzhugh doubts Baxter's men did all of the killing and finds a broken lens from Masey's glasses at the scene which eventually enables him to arrest Masey.

Thirty-Six (April, 1953)

Title: "Violence in Hell's Kitchen!"
Story: Hank Chapman
Art: Jack Keller
Villains: Stumpy Brennan, Maxie Willet, Ziggy the Zipper, Crazy Butch Gillon, Monk, Grumpy [Spider's gangsters, all die], Spider Sarnoff [one-eyed gang leader, dies], Louie the Lump [Spider's rival, dies], Nutsy [Louie's gunman, dies]
Genre: Crime
Setting: October 7, 1927, Hell's Kitchen, New York, USA
Synopsis: Louie starts a gang war with Spider, ultimately tricking Spider into an ambush where his men hurl lit dynamite at Spider's cars, but Spider survives the volley and uses dynamite to kill himself and Louie's mob.

Title: "Last Chance"
Heroes: Larry Bell, Mac Ryan [beachcombers, both die]
Villains: Steve Dutton [gangster, dies], Nick, Frenchy, Joe Morton [gunmen, all die]
Others: Captain Bill Tompkins [sea captain, dies], Captain Ramon Arroz [police captain], Detective Jack Blake [police detective], Mr. Starke [submarine designer], Captain Estes [boat captain]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1947, Tampa, Florida
Synopsis: Dutton arranges the death of Captain Tompkins so he obtain a treasure map leading to a sunken ship, but Larry and Mac claim the map instead. Rather than steal the map back, the gangsters monitor the two men until they set after the treasure in a submarine. The gangsters rent a boat and head underwater to fight for the treasure, but Larry and Mac kill one gangster and the others perish in a tiger shark attack. Larry and Mac find the treasure just as the ship breaks apart, evidently killing them.

Title: "Protection!"
Art: Ed Winiarski
Heroes: Tom Morisi [police officer]
Villains: Big Joe Radick [protection racketeer] and his gang [Lefty]
Others: Pappa Morisi [grocery store owner], Mamma Morisi [store owner's wife]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: Big Joe tries to shake down the Morisis for protection money; when they refuse, his men trash the store. The Morisis' son Tom is a police officer, however, and he uses testimony from his father to confront and arrest Big Joe.

Title: "Fear!"
Villains: Warren Marsh [criminal, dies] and his gang [all die], Flick Dorango [knife wielding convict, dies]
Others: Leo Wright, Frank Dunn [police detectives], police officers [Baker, Edwards], Jack Kelvin [farmer], Ned Lundy [sheriff]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1929, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Synopsis: Warren escapes from the police while Dorango breaks out of prison; the two meet each by chance and join forces, even as both groups pursuing them join forces. They offer a reward for Marsh and Dorango accepts the offer, but when he leads the authorities to Marsh, Marsh kills Dorango; Marsh dies himself running from the police when he trips and lands on Dorango's knife.

Thirty-Nine (August, 1953)

Title: "Morrison's Mob"
Art: Louis Ravielli
Villains: Charles "Lefty" Morrison [mob leader, dies], Frank "Babe" Morrison [Lefty's brother], James "Horse" Elkins [Lefty's cousin, dies], KJarl "Blinky" Hines, Burt "Sheik" Farrel, Gino Castelli, Aldo "Shiv" Sheridan [member of Morrison's mob]
Others: Pop Nelson [cabin owner], Della [Sheik's girlfriend]
Genre: Crime
Setting: October 27, 1947, USA
Synopsis: After a big robbery Morrison's gang hideout at Pop Nelson's cabin but gradually turn on each other until only Babe is left standing, at which point the police step in and arrest him.

Title: "Death of a Stool Pigeon"
Art: Tony Mortellaro
Villains: Birdy Adams [criminal, stoolpigeon, dies], Frank Hanyer [bank robber, dies]
Others: Captain John Edge [police captain], Harry Clay [police detective], Johnson [policeman]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: Birdy tells the police where to find Frank Hanyer, then goes after Frank himself and kills him so he can take his money. When the police arrive at the scene, Birdy shoots at them so they'll think Frank is the one firing, then escapes without being seen. However, ballistics reveal Frank didn't die from their bullets and they catch up to Birdy, who dies in a shootout.

Title: "Terror Stalks the Streets!"
Art: Ed Goldfarb
Heroes: Swanson [police detective]
Villains: Edward Norris [insane killer]
Others: Helen Yancey [civilian], Andrew Collins [madman's victim], Mrs. Collins [Andrew's widow], Dr. Peter Jamison [psychologist], Mike [policeman]
Genre: Crime
Setting: September-October 3, 1890, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Synopsis: A madman is killing people in New York. Swanson turns to psychology to find the killer and ultimately argues for his treatment by professionals rather than execution for his crimes.

Title: "The Gas Chamber"
Heroes: Ben Ellery [criminal, stoolpigeon]
Villains: Joe Roscoe, Dan Topes, Tim Wagner [condemned men, all die], Nick Welch, Boss Matson [crime bosses]
Others: Davis [district attorney]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1943, USA
Synopsis: Ellery gives up information which sends Roscoe, Topes and Wagner to the gas chamber but is afraid to squeal on Welch and Matson. After witnessing the desperation of the three condemned men as the end nears, Ellery finally turns over what the police need to get the bosses.

Forty-One (November, 1953)
"The Syndicate Strikes"
"Jail Break!"
"The Big Blowup!"

Title: "Shark Bait"
Art: Jerry Robinson
Villains: Bull [human smuggler], Limey [smuggler], Monty Castro [saloon owner, Bull's boss, dies], Chinese Tongs
Others: Lottie [Monty's girlfriend]
Genre: Crime
Setting: circa 1900, San Francisco, California, USA
Synopsis: Monty arranges to smuggle Chinese immigrants into the USA, but Bull frequently has to dump them overboard to the sharks to avoid raids by the harbour patrol. When the San Francisco Tongs realize what's been happening to the immigrants they sent a threat to Monty; fearing for his life, Monty stows aboard Bull's ship with his money, but when Bull is raided he mistakes Monty for one of the immigrants and throws him overboard.

Fifty-One (January, 1955)

Title: "Success Story"
Art: Vic Carrabotta
Villains: Jimmy Larkin [criminal, dies], Mallon [gangster], Clayton Boys [gang, all die]
Others: Tony Bonelli [fruit stand owner], Mr. Tracy [townsperson], Jimmy [prison guard]
Genre: Crime
Setting: August 16, 1940, USA
Synopsis: Tony recalls how Jimmy started out by stealing fruit from his stand, then grew up to become a career criminal, murdering others and rejecting attempts to reform, until he finally died in a shoot-out with the police.

Title: "The Power of the Police!"
Art: Mort Lawrence
Heroes: Jerry Maxwell [thief]
Villains: Steve Kallert [mob boss, dies] and his mob
Others: Police officers [Charlie], Alice Maxwell [Jerry's wife]
Genre: Crime
Setting: March 24, 1939, USA
Synopsis: Jerry is part of an attempted robbery, but is the only man caught. He refuses to give up his associates and goes to prison, but when his wife tells him the mob has done nothing to help her he gives up information the police so they can crack down on the mob. Jerry is released from prison and Kallert tries to kill him in revenge, but the police were monitoring Jerry and save his life, killing Kallert.

Title: "Surete"
Art: Chuck Winter
Heroes: Pierre Monet [police detective]
Villains: Henry DuBois [artist, murderer]
Others: Albert [crime reporter], Bapaume [police commissioner], Marie Fornay [model, accused murderer, dead]
Genre: Crime
Setting: May, 1910, Paris, France
Synopsis: Pierre considers the death of the artist Posieres open, even though Marie Fornay was arrested. After her release, Marie is found dead and Pierre learns she modeled for DuBois; confronting DuBois, it's revealed Posieres hid money in the frames of his paintings and Henry found out from Marie, which is why he killed her. Henry is arrested and Pierre closes the file on Posieres.

Title: "The Will O' the Wisps!"
Art: Jay Scott Pike
Villains: Clyde Simpson [leader of robbers] and his gang [Barney]
Others: Police detectives
Genre: Crime
Setting: Fall, 1929, Akron, Ohio; Scranton, Pennsylvania; Hazelton, USA
Synopsis: Clyde's gang crash lavish parties and rob the guests; to avoid the law, they begin traveling east; en route, they stop in Hazelton to fix their car and find they have enough time to rob a party before carrying on; however, the party turns out to be a gala affair for the local police detectives, who arrest the gang.


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One (Spring, 1948)

Title: "Adam and Eve - Crime Incorporated!"
Art: Gene Colan
Villains: George Wolfe [criminal, dies], Eve Wolfe [George's wife]
Others: Everett [George's boss], Mike [police officer]
Genre: Crime
Setting: Rushville, Indiana, 1921; Chicago, Illinois 1922-1923; Indianapolis, 1926; 1934
Synopsis: Eve forces George into a life of crime, during which George is arrested for years at a time, only for Eve to keep forcing him back into crime. Finally, George is shot and killed by the police, but while dying identifies Eve as the brains behind his activities, bringing her to justice.
"Scourge of the West!"
"The Clue of the Left-Handed Killer!"
"Joe Kratz ...Killer!"

Two (June, 1948)

Title: "Business was Bad!"
Art: Gene Colan
Villains: Dallas Eagan, George Tarcott, Frankie Alvarado, Henry Yonkers [criminals, all die]
Others: Miss Harding [prison reformer]
Genre: Crime
Setting: Folsom Prison, 1931-1932, USA
Synopsis: Dallas is offered a job with Miss Harding when paroled but returns to crime; within a year, Dallas and his associates have all been killed, caught and/or executed.

Title: "Killers Can't Win!"
Art: Gene Colan
Heroes: Sheriff Pat Garret [lawman]
Villains: William Bonney [Billy the Kid, outlaw, dies], Pete [gambler, dies], Jessie Evans [Billy's partner], Martinez [card dealer, dies], Spud [outlaw, dies]
Others: Sadie McGee [casino owner]
Genre: Western
Setting: Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1867; Arizona, 1871; Chihuhua, Mexico; Lincoln County, Nebraska, 1878; July 14, 1881
Synopsis: Follows the life of Billy the Kid from being a card dealer to a hired killer who fights Indians in Nebraska, before finally being pursued and killed in bed by Pat Garret.
"Bah! Kid Stuff! ...Said Charley!"
"Too Big for His Boots!"

Five (December, 1948)
"How Smart Can You Be?"
"The Double Double-Cross!"
"A Penny For Your Life!"

Title: "The Fury of the Phantom!"
Art: Frank Napoleon
Heroes: Lt. Bob Ross [police official], Baxter [police detective]
Villains: The Phantom [Jake Beal, former police candidate turned master criminal, dies]
Others: Mr. Ashland [wealthy man, dies], Tom [policeman], Paul [pawn dealer]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1935, USA
Synopsis: Denied entrance into the police, Beal writes letters as the Phantom, announcing crimes before he commits them to demonstrate how he can outfox the police. Baxter finally leads Beal into a trap by claiming to have caught the Phantom, causing Beal to confront Baxter then finding himself in a police ambush; fleeing the police, Beal falls from a building to his death.

Six (February, 1949)

Title: "Dream of Doom!"
Art: Gene Colan
Heroes: Jeff Judson [private detective]
Villains: Dr. Norman Corliss [hypnotist, dies]
Others: Deanne Corliss [Norman's wife], Inspector Daniels [police], Cyrus T. Severol [Deanne's uncle, dies]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1940s New York, USA
Synopsis: Deanne dreams of killing Cyrus and awakes one day to find him dead. She turns to Jeff for help and he discovers she was hypnotized by her husband into having her premonition dreams; when Jeff confronts Dr. Corliss, Corliss tries to escape but falls down an elevator shaft.
"The Scourge Of Paris"

Seven (April, 1949)

"Lem Parkins the Weak-Minded Gun-Crazy Killer!"
"Kako 'One-Eye' DeLorte He Left the Casbah -- Alive!"
"The Crime across the Court!"

Title: "Kid Melton the Killer Without a Friend!"
Villains: Kid Melton [gang leader, dies], his gang [includes Spuds, Tom-tom, Pete, Margie], Rip Murdock [Melton's former boss, dies], Mr. Martin [smuggler], Pinky [Melton's childhood accomplice]
Others: Police officers, FBI agents
Genre: Crime
Setting: Cincinnati; Reno, Nevada; San Francisco, California, 1928
Synopsis: Kid Melton became a criminal at a young age and never stood up for his allies, turning on his friend Pinky in court. After getting out of reform school, Melton went to work for Rip Murdock but killed him to steal his moll, Margie. Melton turned the gang's activities into smuggling, but they all turned against him because of his conceited personality; shortly after executing Melton in a driveby, the gang is arrested by the police and FBI.

Eight (June, 1949)

Title: "The Case of the Cursed Sapphire!"
Villains: George Vance [jewel thief]
Others: Chen Hsi [10th century Chinese miner, dies], T'ang the Terrible [Chinese despot, dies], Mongolian warriors, Mrs. Flannagan [Vance's landlady], Max [jewel appraiser], the "Professor" [fencer], Patrick Flannagan [landlady's son]
Genre: Crime
Setting: April 4, 1935-May 4, 1945, USA; 920-930, China
Synopsis: Vance steals the allegedly cursed T'ang Sapphire but is unable to sell it and his misfortunes convince him he's been cursed until he finally winds up in an insane asylum, where he tells the entire story. When his mental health is restored, the police arrest him.

Title: "The Imperfect Crime!"
Villains: Anthony J. Carbone [corrupt private detective, dies]
Others: Edmond Pollard [wealthy man, Carbone's client, dies], Ernest Logan [Pollard's secretary], Denise King [daughter of Pollard's housekeeper], Mrs. King [Pollard's housekeeper]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1939, Times Square, New York, USA
Synopsis: Pollard hires Carbone to protect him from a blackmailer and suspects either Logan or Denise. When Pollard is subsequently killed, the evidence points to Logan but Denise figures out Carbone was the killer and he's turned over the police, then executed.

Title: "Her Night of Peril!"
Heroes: Mary Healy [nurse]
Villains: Tim O'Leary [gambler], Mike, Miggs [gangsters]
Others: Evie [Mary's friend]
Genre: Crime
Setting: July 8, 1942, USA
Synopsis: Mary meets Tim at a party. When he's wounded in a robbery he sends his gangster friends to kidnap Mary so she can treat him, but Mary refuses and the police arrive in time to save her from the gangsters.

Ten (October, 1949)

"The Secret of the Smiling Maiden!"
"I Am My Own Murderer!"
"The Most Wonderful Dog in the World!"

Title: "The Killer Who Walked Like a Man!"
Villains: Hans Schwab [animal trainer, dies], Toto [Hans' trained gorilla, dies]
Others: Gaopp Circus performers, Thor [strongman], Zorida [horserider, dies], Inspector Frichter [Vienna police], Schach [Frichter's aide], Friederich [Austrian], Heinz [police officer]
Genre: Crime
Setting: Vienna, Austria, August-October 12-November 24, 1803
Synopsis: Hans loves Zorida, but she loves the strongman, Thor. Hans trains Toto to rob people while dressed as a human, using the money in the hopes of building up his stature with Zorida. When Toto kills Zorida while prowling for money, Hans is furious and shoots him; dying, Toto throttles Hans to death.


From Sub-Mariner Comics.

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Continued in All True Crime Cases Comics.

Twenty-Four (Fall, 1947)
"Trapping the Bank Butchers!"

Title: "Masked for Murder!"
Art: Carl Burgos
Villains: Johnny Dillon [Harrison's accomplice], Tommy Harrison [phantom killer, executed]
Others: Roby Daugherty [gas station attendant], Sheriff Waldron [Salem lawman], Lt. Webb [police detective], Orander [police officer]
Genre: Crime
Setting: January, 1946, Roanoke, Virginia, USA; Salem, Virginia, USA
Synopsis: A "phantom killer' goes on a murder spree until he leaves his mask behind at one murder and the unusual material leads the police to the men responsible, Harrison and Dillon.
"The Man who Winked at Death!"
"The Case of the Grinning Killer!"
"Terror of the Unholy Three!"


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Title: "Riot Squad"
Art: Robert Q. Sale
Villains: Fago Collins [gang leader, dies], Joey Angel [rival gang leader, dies], Danny [member of Joey's gang]
Others: Police [Hadley]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: Angel starts attacking Collins' slot machines, protection rackets and bookies until Collins finally declares a gang war. However, the police riot squad has been ready for the war to breakout and arrive in time to kill Collins and Angel at the outset of the fight, ending the war.

Title: "Homicide!"
Art: John Forte
Heroes: Lt. James Brady [police detective]
Villains: Flakey Peters [criminal, dies], "Cannon" Croner [criminal]
Others: "Nosy" Nelson [reporter], Clancy, Mike [police patrolmen], Frankie Quinn [informant, dies]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: A criminal breaks into a deli, eats some cheese while robbing the till, then kills the deli owner. Brady investigates and traces the gun to Flakey, but eventually proves Croner was the gunman. However, Flakey killed a police informant and his teeth match the cheese in the deli so Brady goes to arrest him; Flakey resists and Brady accidentally kills him in their struggle.

Title: "The Perfect Crime"
Art: Paul Reinman
Heroes: Louis Vidot [French policeman]
Villains: Jacques Corbeau [thief, dies], Annette Dorien [Jacques' wife], Sisson [member of Jacques' gang]
Others: Inspector Malon, Lenoir, Captain Gris, Lt. Colbert [French police]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s Paris, France
Synopsis: Annette tells the police Jacques has nitro in his briefcase. While they chase him, robberies break out and Malon realizes it's all a diversion. He puts a tail on Annette and the police raid her apartment, killing Jacques. Louis is promoted to sergeant for his heroism in the apartment raid.

Title: "The First Day"
Art: Gene Colan
Heroes: Fred Baker [rookie patrolman]
Villains: Red Hegel [hijacker, childhood friend of Fred], Jerry [hijacker, dies]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: On his first day, Fred battles truck hijackers and one turns out to be an old friend, Red; he defeats Red while taking a bullet to the shoulder, proving he isn't a rookie anymore.


From Spy Thrillers.


Five (September, 1955)

Title: "Rookie Cop!"
Art: Don Heck
Heroes: Jim Hudson [rookie policeman, badge#479]
Villains: Ernie Mundo [robber, Jim's childhood friend]
Others: Jim Hudson Sr. [policeman, Jim's father, dies], Mrs. Hudson [Jim's mother], Captain Brady [Jim's superior], Shafer [candy store owner], Barney Simms [Jim's partner]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s New York City
Synopsis: Jim is inspired to be a policeman like his father; when his father dies of a heart attack, it only deepends Jim's determination. Jim finally graduates and receives the same beat his father held. One night, Jim finds Shafer's store has been robbed by Ernie, his old friend. Despite their friendship, Jim convinces Ernie to turn himself in.

Title: "Night Rain!"
Art: Don Heck
Heroes: Jim Hudson
Villains: Prentis [crooked car dealer], Webster [chop shop owner], Fred [Webster's employee]
Others: Barney Simms, Captain Brady, Johnny Craith [former employee of Webster]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s New York City
Synopsis: Jim meets Johnny, who's been working for Webster to redress stolen cars. Jim joins in a raid of Webster's garage, then pursues Webster's boss, who turns out to be Prentis; Jim chases Prentis into a subway tunnel, saves him from being hit by a train, then arrests him.

Title: "Calling all Cars"
Heroes: Police officers [Mike Logan, Larry Crandall, Tom]
Villains: Bank robber
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: When a man robs a bank, the police quickly send his description to their cars and within an hour, Mike and Larry have arrested him.

Title: "White Ice!"
Art: Joe Maneely
Heroes: Jim Hudson
Villains: Van Kroot [corrupt diamond dealer], jewelry smugglers
Others: Barney Simms, Captain Brady, Mrs. Hudson, Mike De Horst [jewelry store night watchman]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s New York City
Synopsis: Jim sees Mike shot, but can't find the gunman. Mike has a diamond on his person and Van Kroot claims he stole it from him. Jim stops a band of diamond smugglers, then prevents Van Kroot from killing Mike in his bed, having deduced the diamond Mike held was stolen from the Dusseldorf crown jewels by Van Kroot's accomplices.


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From Justice.

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Fifty-Eight (February, 1956)

Title: "Grogan's Gold!"
Heroes: Grogan [tramp]
Others: John Mayberry [old prospector]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s, USA
Synopsis: Grogan finds Mayberry has just left his mine, leaving a note saying he's left his gold mine to his partner. Grogan poses as the partner and goes to the mine, but accidentally collapses the shaft; Mayberry saves him and tells Grogan how at his age, he's learned real contentment doesn't come from gold. He offers to make Grogan his partner, but Grogan takes just a single nugget and departs to forge his own destiny.

Title: "B'Wana Martin!"
Art: Bernie Krigstein
Heroes: Dr. Martin [physician]
Others: Dr. Perkins [Martin's associates], Attu [witch doctor], Mitti [African patient]
Genre: Jungle
Setting: 1950s, Owantu, Africa
Synopsis: Dr. Martin helps treat a plague in Owantu, but repeatedly rejects Attu's offers to use his herbal medicines. When Martin comes down with a fever Dr. Perkins has to care for him; Perkins revives Martin by using Attu's medicine after Martin's runs out.

Title: "The Little Guy!"
Art: Joe Maneely
Heroes: Benjamin Kelso [butcher]
Others: Mrs. Livingston [Gerald's wife], Gerald Livingston [wealthy man], Mrs. Mason [Kelso's customer], Jim Clary [policeman]
Genre: Drama
Setting: 1950s, Greenwood Avenue, USA
Synopsis: Kelso is often berated by his customers. After Mrs. Livingston is difficult to him, he sees in the papers how her husband has lost his fortune. He goes to the Livingstons with a care package and winds up raising Gerald's spirits, encouraging him to start a new life by taking a few risks. The next time a customer berates Kelso, he thinks at how that person must be unhappy with their lot in life.

Title: "Escape!"
Art: Paul Reinman
Villains: Brad Turner [convict]
Others: Marie Turner [Brad's wife], Atkins [prisoner], Mack [prison guard]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: Brad has given up on getting out of prison and tries to break out by capturing a truck; he fails to escape the walls and learns his parole for good behaviour had just come through, now he can't have it.

Title: "The Tyrant!"
Heroes: Don H. Harrington [department store clerk]
Villains: Fred Granger [store manager]
Others: Mr. Bushwick [department store owner], Peter Dunn [janitor, dies], Bushwick [section manager, Bushwick's son]
Genre: Drama
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: Granger is merciless in his attitude toward staff at the store, firing long-time veteran Peter Dunn when he arrives 10 minutes late; Dunn dies of a heart attack soon after. Granger becomes successful at the store while Harrington wishes he was elsewhere. When Granger starts berating a new staff member, Harrington loses his cool and punches Granger. Because the tormented staff member is the boss' son, Harrington gets Granger's job.

Fifty-Nine (April, 1956)

Title: "The Last Survivor!"
Heroes: Howard Ford [mountain climber]
Others: Mr. and Mrs. Ford [Howard's parents], Helen [Howard's girlfriend], Lars, Jack Haggerty, Louis [mountain climbers], Mr. Webster [Howard's boss]
Genre: Adventure
Setting: 1950s USA; Nanda Devi, Himalayas
Synopsis: Howard has always been considered a failure so he climbs the Himalayan mountain Nanda Devi and by doing so after everyone else pulls back proves he can be courageous.

Title: "Doctors in the House"
Art: Bernie Krigstein
Heroes: Dr. Lee Scott, Dr. Charles Scott [brothers, physicians]
Others: Dr. Ashley [town doctor], Dr. Shane [physician], Joe [orderlie], Wallace Wade [millionaire], Mrs. Buchan, Mrs. Charleston [wealthy patients], Tommy [child patient], Nancy Scott [Lee's wife]
Genre: Drama
Setting: 1950s Milltown, USA; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Synopsis: Lee and Charles both become physicians. Lee follows his principles while Charles pursues wealthy clients. Eventually Charles finds his pursuit of money meaningless and returns to Lee to help him with his small town practice.

Title: "Laugh, Clown!"
Art: Paul Reinman
Heroes: John Redmond [Jingo the Great, actor, clown, dies]
Others: Little Jingo [John's adopted son], Carl [John's manager], Chuck Haley [circus owner], Roscoe [roustabout], Mr. Hubert [executive], Rene [John's ex-girlfriend]
Genre: Drama
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: John gives up acting and finds fulfillment as the clown Jingo the Great. After John's death, his adopted son keeps the identity of Jingo alive.

Title: "Stop the Presses!"
Art: Dony DiPreta
Heroes: Steve Graham [son of deceased newspaper publisher]
Villains: Cyril J. Baxter [sensationalist newspaper publisher]
Others: Donald Norton [newspaper editor]
Genre: Drama
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: Baxter prints sensationalist stories without checking on them. Steve takes advantage of him and prints a story which exposes Baxter's own wrong-doings, revealing Graham is the son of a rival publisher whom Baxter had ruined.

Title: "The Last Voyage of Captain Damion"
Art: Joe Maneely
Heroes: Captain John Damion [aging ship's captain]
Others: Mr. Porter [shipping company executive], Captain Barlow [young captain], Johnson [sailor], Martha Porter [Mr. Porter's wife], Jane Porter [Mr. Porter's daughter], Willy Porter [Mr. Porter's son]
Genre: Adventure
Setting: 1950s Buffalo, New York, USA; Lake Ontario, Canada
Synopsis: Mr. Porter tells Damion to retire from his job and make way for Barlow but after Damion saves the ship from a storm, including the lives of Porter's family, Porter agrees to let Damion stay on and mentor Barlow until he wants to retire.

Sixty-Two (October, 1956)
"He Stands in the Rain!"
"Avenue of Escape!"
"The People vs. Jim Nelson"
"Man In Hiding"

Title: "The Lucky Stiff!"
Art: Jerry Robinson
Heroes: A taxi driver
Others: Paul Montaine [embezzler]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: A taxi driver envies Montaine as he drives him around, until he learns Montaine is an embezzler who's turning himself over to the police; the taxi driver decides his life is all right.


From True Western.


Continued in Men's Adventures.

Three (May, 1950)

Title: "Boss of the Black Devil!"
Art: Bob Brown
Heroes: Charlie Johnson [mine owner's son, dies]
Villains: Hiram Johnson [mine owner]
Others: Perkins [mine manager], Williams [Johnson's butler], Louise [Johnson's maid], Milasik [bartender], O'Neil, Branik, Larkin [miners]
Genre: Crime
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: Hiram's mine is unsafe to the workers but he refuses to hear their demands, even after his son goes over to the miners' side. When the mine collapses, Charlie is killed. Grief-stricken, Hiram gives up the mine and his fortune, becoming a hobo; not even others hobos will associate with him.

Title: "...I Took a Dive!"
Art: Joe Maneely
Heroes: Al Bailey [boxer]
Villains: Charlie [boxing manager]
Others: Grace Bailey [Al's wife], Lou [fight observer]
Genre: Sports
Setting: 1950s USA
Synopsis: Al is desperate for money and accepts to take a dive for Charlie so he can get money for his wife to buy a new dress. Charlie takes the dive, only to learn Grace bet the money he gave her on him to win; they move to California and give his career a fresh start.

Title: "Killer at Large!"
Art: John Buscema
Villains: Ellsworth Stanton [police detective, dies]
Others: Police officers [Joe], Steve Wiczowski [murdered man], Sarah Cummings Wiczowski [Steve's wife], Alex Moroff [superintendent], Chief Sam Brady [police chief], Mike Luzow [bartender], Agnes Albern [junk bond dealer]
Genre: Crime
Setting: January, 1950, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Reprinted In: Chamber of Chills#20
Synopsis: Stanton is sent to investigate the murder of Steve Wiczowski, who married the woman Stanton loved. Evidence points to Sarah as the killer, but Stanton finds evidence pointing to Mike and Agnes as well. Finally, Chief Brady discovers a piece of Stanton's badge was at the crime scene; he murdered Steve in the hopes of getting Sarah back; Stanton goes to the electric chair.

Title: "The Coward!"
Art: Mike Sekowsky
Heroes: Sam Lawson [blind man, former marshal]
Villains: Hank Kilgore, Nevada [local tough guys]
Others: Nancy Lawson [Sam's wife]
Genre: Western
Setting: Brimstone
Synopsis: The newly-arrived Sam Lawson avoids fights and Kilgore eggs him on until they wind up in a fight which Sam quickly wins; Nancy reveals Sam is blind, yet even so he defeated Hank. From then on, the townsfolk respect Sam.

Title: "The Day I Saw the Ghost Plane!"
Art: Bob Powell
Heroes: Mickey Thorne [pilot]
Villains: Otto Stahl [Otto Werner, Erich's brother, former Nazi pilot, dies]
Others: Erich Werner [Thorne's wartime wingman, dies], Johnny Papp [Mickey's friend], Pete McNeil [shipping firm owner], Jean Dulleaux [former Foreign Legion turned pilot], Vinsetti [Italian pilot], Smithers [former RAF pilot], Smirnoff [Russian pilot]
Genre: War, Horror
Setting: February 3, 1945, Germany, World War II; August, 1946, Burma
Synopsis: Mickey relates how in World War II, his wingman Erich was shot down in the sky. Later, Thorne went to work for McNeil's company as a pilot in Burma and had to serve as Otto's co-pilot. Otto keeps seeing a phantom plane in the air and during one flight, Thorne sees it - it's Erich's plane and Erich radios Otto, identifying him as his brother and the pilot who shot him down. Thorne bails out but Erich's seeming ghost shoots Otto out of the air.


From Complete Mystery

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