You know, this is a great time to be Stan Lee, founder of that phenomenon we like to call Marvel Comics.

First, our Fearless Leader is earning rave reviews for playing himself in the comedy hit Mall Rats, the full page ad for which has been appearing in your favorite comic book pages. It's playing at a multiplex near you. See it.

Second, on Halloween week the Sci-Fi Channel ran a marathon of Marvel TV classics like Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk, hosted by the Smiley One himself.

And third, coming in December, the Arts and Entertainment (A&E) Network cable channel will broadcast "Biography: Stan Lee, the ComiX-MAN", a one hour program featuring a behind-the-scenes look at The Man, more biographical goodies than you can shake a comic at, and interviews with Marvelites like John Romita, John Buscema and Terry Stewart, and entertainment heavies like James Cameron, John Singleton, Lou Ferrigno, and Gene Simmons. The show is scheduled to air the week of December 25-29 (coincidentally Stan's birthday week!)- check your local listings for the exact time and date.

So... in the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, let's all give thanks to Stan for all he's done for our beloved medium. In my opinion, without him, comic books would not exist as we now know them.

-- Mark Gruenwald


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