Have you noticed there's something a little strange going on with Marvel lately? For instance...There are now five different persons' names to be found in the "editor in chief" box where there used to be but one. Different styles of the "Marvel Comics" logo adorn the upper right hand corner of the covers where conformity once reigned. The coloring inside the books is somehow more detailed and vibrant; the priting cleaner and clearer. There are numerous coming attractions pages appearing every month where there used to be but a single "Bullpen Bulletins". Letters pages have been splashed with technicolor. Certain titles are ending their runs explosively while others are getting overhauled.

Clearly something's going on. Our marketing guys (that is, the guys we send to the market) have a word for it: Marvelution. I'm told it's short for "Marvel revolution." What it means is Marvel is retooling itself to give you, the readers, better stuff than ever before in state-of-the-art packaging. And what you see on paper is truly only the tip of the iceberg as far as what's going on behind the scenes. 1995 is shaping up to be the most exciting year in the comics industry since the birth of the direct sales market.

I admit it, change can be scary. But Marvel's on the move again, and that means better comics for everyone. In the next few weeks, I'll walk you through some of the changes Marvelution has wrought in greater depth. See ya!

-- Mark Gruenwald


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