All good things must come to an end. Same with bad things. It's up to you to decide if this column has been a good or bad thing -- but it is coming to an end. Right here, right now, due to the impending transformation of this magazine.

Of the nearly 70 columns I did for MARVEL AGE and the 100-odd ones for letters pages of the Bullpen Bulletins, my favorite was for MARVEL AGE #100, where I provided a list of 100 random remarks on a variety of topics. I composed them in an intensive weekend. Thinking I would do another 100 for MARVEL AGE #200, I've been scrawling down thoughts as they occurred to me, determined to be prepared. I'm currently up to Remark Number 60 or so. Looks like I won't need them -- unless...yes! I will share them with you here in my last column. Be forewarned -- only some have to do with comics; all of them have something to do with the world view of this idiosyncratic comics writer.

--Mark Gruenwald


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